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How many moments of frustration do you live daily?

How frequently do you experience anger, sadness, fear and apathy?

How about the feeling of being a victim?

I used to experience all those feelings very intensively and too frequently for my liking.

Other people seemed to be doing so much better than me at almost everything and I had to figure out why. That's how my quest started!

I read up on various subjects and discovered that what you think influences the way you feel which in turn influences how you deal with situations in your life.

When you feel GOOD you do GOOD!

I started experiencing the effects of positive thinking when I became more aware of my thoughts and my feelings. I read as many books about positive thinking as possible and put into practice almost every technique I came across, from positive affirmations to meditation to using programs for positive thinking.

I've gathered a good bunch of positive tips. I feel good when I can pass these tips on to others who may benefit.

I practice the things I write about. My thoughts have changed my life for the better in very little time and continues to do so as I learn more.

I still experience negative feelings, though it doesn't happen as often and as distressingly as before. I now know how to think myself into feeling better.

I invite you to explore the pages of this website.

You will find empowering quotes, useful tips, positive poems, the benefits of positive thinking blog, great resources and real life positive thinking stories of people like you and me, who are allowing to receive the benefits of positive thinking into their lives.

I wish you find this site useful and you experience a happier and fuller life. Welcome to The Benefits Of Positive Thinking!


P.S. Are you the sort of person who wants to get into action straight away? You may wish to check these positive thinking programs, which can help you become a more positive person. I have tried them personally and I have reviewed them for you so that you have a first-hand opinion. The best one from my point of view keeps on being "Infinite Possibilities".

"I am an optimist. It does not seem
too much use being anything else."

Winston Churchill

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Find out how you can use positive thinking to create positive finances.
Having A Positive Attitude
Discover how having a positive attitude helps you to deal with the difficulties in your life. Read Juanjo's real life story to find out how having a positive attitude can help in extreme cases.
Steps Of Positive Thinking
Become a positive thinker following these easy steps of positive thinking. Discover how a little "replacement" in your thoughts creates a big difference on how you see the world.
A New Day Of Positive Thinking
Discover how every day is a new day of positive thinking and the golden tip to start a good day.
Living In The Present
Many people spend time in many ways but for living in the present. Find out what is the powerful technique that will allow you to focus on the present immediately.
Resilient Positive Thinking
Read these tips to acquire resilient positive thinking and help you be a more positive and stress-free person.
Positive Habits
Find out how many days you need to add a new positive habit in your life. Choose to make positive thinking one of your positive habits.
Being Thankful
Find out how being thankful can improve your life instantly and share your gratitude.
Positive Thinking Affirmations
Positive thinking affirmations can help you to reach a better state of life in many areas. The key point is to adapt the affirmations to your needs and believe them as you repeat them.
Negative Thinking Versus Positive Thinking
Uncover the differences and effects of negative thinking versus positive thinking. Choose wisely - live your present positively.
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Find links to information on how to deal with specific obstacles in life.
Motivation And Positive Thinking
Uncover how motivation and positive thinking relate and apply them together to help you achieve your goals.
Meditation And Positive Thinking
My second journey through meditation and positive thinking started under a tree. Follow the links on this page for more information about the different aspects of meditation.
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