Abundance Affirmations

Start living in plenty with these abundance affirmations

As technology advances and we find ourselves being more and more busy, we may get to think that there is a lack of resources: we don't have enough time, or money, or love, or health, or whatever.

We may have at our disposal a trillion more tools than people a hundred years ago had, yet our quality of life has not necessarily improved.

The problem with a belief in lack of resources is that it creates stress.

Take the example of time: I well know what is like to get home after a busy day at work, with a list of "have-to-do" things, and a mindset of "I don't have enough time to do all this".

As a result, we may rush from one thing to the next, not paying enough attention to anything, just so that we can get more and more things done; but we never really get everything done, and in the end we feel exhausted and unfulfilled, with a constant feeling of pressure over us.

However, there is an abundance of everything - and again, it comes down to our thoughts and our beliefs to see that that is the case.

As Mike Dooley well explains in Infinite Possibilities, 'Abundance, health and money are already ours through our thoughts'.

The lack of any resource in our lives at present only shows what our past thoughts have manifested - but the point of power is always the now, thus you can always change your thoughts right now.

I've created the abundance affirmations below to help you switch from a mindset of lack to one of abundance. May you start seeing in your life more of the resources you seek.

Abundance affirmations

I believe in abundance

There is an abundance of love always available to me

I always have all the money I need at any time

There are plenty of opportunities for me to achieve my dreams

I feel blessed with the abundance of gifts I receive daily

Infinite happiness is always available to me

There is plenty of money for everyone

I choose to live with a mentality of abundance

I appreciate the abundance of love that I experience daily

There is an abundance of resources available to all

I have plenty of time to do all that I want to do

Infinite peace is always inside me

I am ready to receive an abundance of love

I have all the time of the world

When it comes to money, I choose to believe in abundance

I feel blessed with infinite love

I choose to think that there is an abundance of all the things I need

"Be around people who can keep your energy and inspiration high. While you can make progress alone, it's so much easier when you have support."

Joe Vitale

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