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You will find below a list of links to different free inspiring life quotes.

I have compiled these positive quotes for you so that you can find a daily dose of inspiration quickly and easily.

See, positive quotes are an excellent (and quick!) way to find inspiration and motivation. You can read a quote at any time and spend a few moments thinking about what it brings to your life.

You can use positive quotes in many different ways.

At times I have found that I may be thinking about some area of my life, and then I come across just the perfect positive attitude quote that gives me some light on what I'm thinking.

At some point I would write down motivating quotes on random pages of my agenda, to add a spark to the day. I also printed out different quotes and pasted them around my desk at work, to keep inspired.

For a while, I would write down interesting quotes or affirmations in A6 cards, which I carried with me and read at different points throughout the day.

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Follow the links below to find free inspiring positive quotes. You can browse them all and create your own list, copying and pasting in a blank document those quotes that call you the most.

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  • Money quotes

    Keep these positive quotes around, and keep inspired!

    "People think pleasing God is all God cares about. But any fool living in the world can see it is always trying to please us back."

    Alice Walker

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