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You can use the free positive affirmations below whenever you feel down, or to boost your good mood.

Whichever way you use them, affirmations are very powerful and can make a real positive impact in your life.

You can simply pick one up and repeat it to yourself for a day, and observe the benefits it brings to you - perhaps more calm, a sense of safety or direction...

Remember that what you think today is shaping your tomorrow; you might as well choose thoughts that benefit you.

You do that by starting small - for example, by actively choosing to maintain a certain positive thought right after you've woken up and before you get out of bed.

Little by little you change the way you look at life. You no longer run on automatic thoughts that leave you feeling drained, but you choose instead to think in a positive way.

Choose one of the following free affirmations below to enhance your life right this moment.

Positive affirmations

I feel full of vitality and strength

I am open to receive abundance

I let go of all attachments

I notice all the possibilities that life brings me daily

I attract to my life the people that I need to meet

I am a wonderful person and I am appreciated for who I am

I enjoy a life free of pain

I release all my past limitations and fears

I am grateful for all the gifts that life brings me daily

I am a generous person and I enjoy sharing what I have

I forgive myself for all the pain that I've caused to myself and others in the past

Every day I grow emotionally stronger

I am grateful for all the experiences in my life

I create a balanced life daily

I notice that I am important to people

I pay attention to my intuition

I choose to live a life of peace

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