Feel The Difference That Having A Positive Attitude Makes To Your Life

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We all know that one person who seems to keep having a positive attitude no matter the circumstances.

They go through difficulties, but they end up with a smile if they even talk about their problems. They are also open to receive the good things that life brings them.

Wished this was you?

It can be you: it is as simple as making a habit of keeping a positive attitude.

What does having a positive attitude mean?

A positive attitude is seeing the glass half full. It means to keep a set of ideas, values and thoughts that tend to look for the good, to advance, to overcome problems, to find the opportunities in every situation; to look, as they say, 'on the bright side of life'.

It also means to have courage and exceed yourself, getting up whenever you fall.

You may want to have a definition of positive attitude at this point.

Find out about the basics of keeping a positive attitude in these principles of positive attitude.

Stand up and fight!

Any time you're confronted with a difficult situation, your positive attitude helps you find a wise way to move forward, rather than getting stuck in negative feelings.

It works in all areas of life: for example, you can choose to keep a positive attitude at the work place.

Need proof?

Read about this real case of Juanjo, a friend of mine back in Spain who kept having a positive attitude through a difficult situation:

    Juanjo is a cheerful person. People love him because he makes them feel good about themselves, and he shows real interest in them. He deals with people kindly and brings the best out of them. The words "having a positive attitude" could define Juanjo.

    A few years ago, a relative of Juanjo was very ill in hospital. Juanjo and his family were quite worried, but Juanjo tried not to show his worry through that difficult time.

    One day, Juanjo and his family were awaiting the latest news about his relative at the hospital. Juanjo tried to make his family relax by talking lightheartedly about other things.

    At some point, Juanjo narrated a funny story that made all his family and Juanjo himself laugh. Suddenly, they all stopped laughing and looked at Juanjo with horror.

    One side of Juanjo's face was laughing. The other side was not moving at all.

    They panicked, and Juanjo felt fear about the sudden lack of movement in half of his face. The doctors told him that the stress he had been under had caused half of his face's muscles to paralyze.

    They said that it could be treated, however they couldn't tell whether he would recover completely.

    young man

    Juanjo took a few days to think about the situation. He realized there was a possibility that his face didn't move normally ever again. He thought that, if that was ever to be the case, it was completely pointless to worry.

    Juanjo did feel bad. It took him a long time to look at himself in the mirror again.

    When he did, he actually didn't care that much about himself. He was more concerned about his mother, who felt so much sadness for him.

    Since Juanjo had decided not to worry about his face not moving as it should, he thought he might as well try to make those who did worry for him feel better.

    He started to make jokes about his face. He would smile and blink his eye and say, "I can now show a happy face and a serious face at the same time".

    He showed lightheartedness towards what was happening to him and decided to keep on having a positive attitude. That took him courage, but he did it.

    Then, some sort of miracle happened...

    One day Juanjo got up. It was about a month after the "face stroke" had happened. He finished a few routine tasks at home and went out to meet some friends.

    When he arrived, his friends looked at him in amazement. Juanjo was smiling... with both sides of his face!

    The doctors could barely believe how he had recovered fully in so little time. They thought that his positive attitude had a lot to do with it.

>>>How do YOU keep your positive attitude? What sort of things do you do to maintain your 'joie de vivre'? Or perhaps you have a story about keeping a positive attitude? Tell us more about it using the form below!

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I'm ready to have a positive attitude now!

Well, as you would have probably discovered, having a positive attitude doesn't just happen; you don't decide that you will have a positive attitude and that is it, forever and ever.

You first make small changes in the way you react to common daily circumstances. You consistently choose and apply certain patterns of thought, which with time lead to keeping a steady positive attitude.

You choose to have a positive attitude when you face a problem or difficulty, and you decide not to complain about it and not get stuck in it.

Rather, you look for ways to move forward, and try to find the opportunity in it for you, or the lesson you can get from it. Then you move on with your day.

Moving on is very important to keep a positive attitude. Do not get stuck on something you think you did wrong or didn't go as you expected.

The point is to overcome it in the best possible way, and face the next thing that goes on in your life.

You may find help in these positive attitude sentences or in these quotes on being positive.

Having a positive attitude and words are deeply related. The more you understand how the words that you use help you shape your reality and your attitude, the more advantage you can take from them.

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Having a positive attitude is something you put into practice daily, when things go rolling and when they don't; when you feel like it, and when you don't. Actually, specially when you don't.

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If you learn to see the bright side of life when you're surrounded by difficulties, you'll be building your positive attitude fast.

The more you practice having a positive attitude, the easier and more natural it will come to you.

Don't wait any longer! Use these tips for a positive attitude and discover here how to keep a positive attitude, grab one poem about positive attitude to help you move forward, or direct your attention to people with these positive phrases about people.

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"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."

Anna Frank

Information on a positive attitude
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Positive attitude quotes
Discover some positive attitude quotes that will inspire you to move through the day.

How Do YOU Keep A Positive Attitude?

What sort of things do you do to maintain your positive attitude?

Do you draw inspiration from beauty? Do you sing? Do you play music? What is it that keeps you feeling good, vibrant and full of life?

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