Personal Affirmation Statements
To Empower You

Personal affirmation statements contribute toward positive thinking. They uplift you and empower you.

You are a valuable human being

You already have many good qualities that those who know you could list.

The point is, how much do YOU value yourself?

We all have our degree of self-esteem. You may have found yourself in a low self-esteem state at times.

When this happens, we do not appreciate the person we are - we do not love ourselves. Certainly the world does not feel positive then.

You can get "out of the hole" by using specific affirmations to you say to yourself, which will make you feel better. This is a form of getting back to yourself. They will help you to feel more positive.

Affirmation statements:

I am powerful

I am attractive

I am intelligent

I am strong

I take care of myself

I am valued

I am creative

I am interesting

People enjoy my company

Take your statements further

Use the following twist to push yourself forward.

girl arms up on sky

Rather than affirming who or how you are at present, think of some personality characteristic that you would like to have.

Then, write your own personal positive sentences about that quality as if you already had it.

For example, if you know that you tend to worry about future hypothetical situations, you could say to yourself "I let go of my worries", "I am always alright", "I am courageous".

Expand yourself. You've only got to gain.

Some affirmation statements in this line could be:

I am capable of dealing with all circumstances

I overcome difficult times successfully

I deal calmly with any situation

I am grateful for the challenges in my life

I am self-confident

I am self-reliant

The power of being who you want to be lies in your own thoughts. You are the one to say to yourself how you are.

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