Positive Phrases
To Master Your Life

Use these positive phrases to tap into your inner strength

You may know by now that whether you think positively or negatively you shape your reality accordingly. However, it takes a little practice before we can make positive thinking almost automatic.

The power of positive thinking manifests for those who exert it. You and only you can actually place yourself where you want to be - isn't it wonderful to realize that you're the only one who has power in choosing what you think about?

The following positive phrases can help you bring yourself into a positive mood and to keep on thinking in a positive way.

You can personalize them for your own needs following the pattern explained in affirmation wording.

Now you are ready for some positive thinking statements to make you ride the waves of your life...

I am in control of my own life

I can deal with any set of circumstances successfully

I am powerful

I am a calm person

I care for myself

I am confident in myself

I am self-assured

I am becoming the person that I want to be

I respect myself

I am in control of my emotions

The world is full of opportunities to create my life

I overcome any obstacles that come my way

I can handle difficult circumstances with ease

I learn from the people that I come in contact with

I am committed to exceed myself

I care for my well-being in all areas of my life

I am thankful for what I have

I overcome all my fears

I let go off my worries and live an enjoyable life

I choose thoughts that empower me

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