What Are The Steps
Of Positive Thinking?

Becoming a positive thinker is easy when you know the steps of positive thinking...

(...and of course, you also apply them!)

All you need to benefit from positive thinking is to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones - this is, to change your focus of attention from something that makes you feel bad to something that makes you feel good.

How do you do that?

Follow these easy steps of positive thinking:

  1. Become aware of your thoughts. Choose a quiet spot to just sit and observe what goes on in your mind - just watch how your mind wanders. Meditating daily for a few minutes helps you to become more aware of your thoughts.

    Most of us are over-identified with our own thoughts, and as a consequence we suffer. Become aware of your thoughts. Notice that your mind is not all of you.

  2. Notice the thoughts that make you feel bad. This is easy to do: your emotions (fear, jealousy, worry, anger...) will tell you that you are on a 'negative' train of thought.

    For instance, think about the subject of money. How do you feel? Anxious, nervous, scared? What thoughts come to mind? 'Money is hard to make', 'I never have enough money' may be some of those thoughts.

    Taking this step can also help you to uncover the root of your beliefs - most of them would have been acquired during your childhood - and set yourself free to choose new beliefs.

  3. Change your negative thoughts for positive ones. You can only think of one thing at a time; if you think about something that makes you feel good there is no room for feeling bad.

    glass of wine

    For example, if you find yourself worrying about money and bills to pay, you could instead choose to focus on all the abundance that you do have, or you could list situations where money came to you unexpectedly, and lighten up about the subject.

    You can always be supportive of yourself and take the necessary steps of positive thinking by using these positive self statements. There are also other good positive thinking programs that can help you become a more positive person.

Don't carry the world upon your shoulders

There are times that it does not seem so easy to get rid of negative thoughts, especially if you think you have a large problem.

steps on the sand

Notice that I say "seem" because thinking positive is ultimately a matter of choice, and it is only each of us who has the power to choose.

However, it can be easier to maintain a negative path of thought in a given moment, because we may have walked that path of thought often. And in those times, it does not serve us to on top beat ourselves up for not being able to change our thoughts.

We need to acknowledge when we feel overwhelmed. If everything is just "too much", let it all just be for a while - focus on something easier, something as simple as the breath you are taking in this moment.

Once you feel lighter, you can follow these steps of positive thinking and choose something positive to focus on, and start building a positive thinking path. You may use these quotes for positive thinking to inspire you or take up on one of these positive thinking activities.

To keep in mind...

There are certain subjects that we have thought about in a certain way so often that it seems almost impossible to think about them in a different way.

Some of the 'biggies' are money, relationships, and health.

In these cases, it is best to first practice changing your thoughts about something small.

For example, do you get upset when you have to queue for a while? Next time, change the direction of your thoughts by focusing on whatever benefits you can find to queuing - "This chair is actually quite comfortable", "I now have time to just relax", "I can now read a few more pages of this book".

As you practice changing your thoughts about small things, you get the hang of it and it becomes easier to change your thoughts on larger subjects.

Summing up the steps of positive thinking:

  • Become aware of your thoughts

  • Use your negative emotions as a guide to the thoughts you are having

  • Change your focus to thoughts that make you feel good

The trick, as you would have probably imagined, is to repeat these steps often, with many different subjects, and to start small in the subjects where you find it difficult.

As you do that consistently, you start changing your overall perception of life, and life starts changing for you.

Remember that it all comes down to how you want to see the reality around you - it is always possible to get up to positive thinking and start your day in a positive mood. In the words of Henri Matisse...

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them."

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