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Empowered Experience FAQ

Find the answer to your questions about my coaching in the Empowered Experience FAQ page.

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Affirmations For Today

Use the word 'today' to make your affirmations more powerful: check these affirmations for today.

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Negative Thinking Versus Positive Thinking

Discover the differences between negative thinking versus positive thinking - and choose your best path wisely.

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Positive Attitude And Words

Discover the relationship between positive attitude and words that will keep you choosing positive words.

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Having A Positive Attitude

Discover the principles of having a positive attitude - easy steps that you can follow today!

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Positive Attitude Is Seeing The Glass Half Full

Having a positive attitude is seeing the glass half full: discover key points to see the silver lining.

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Positive Steps For Personal Development

Download the free ebook 'Positive steps for personal development' to discover key factors to a good life.

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Negative Thinking Patterns

Download the free ebook 'Getting rid of negative thinking patterns' to enjoy a better life.

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Free Gratitude Ebook

Download your free gratitude ebook here - it will leave you open to abundance in no time!

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Celebrating Positivity

Download 'Celebrating Positivity' for free - the little booklet that will help you to focus on the positive.

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Top Three Negative Thought Patterns

Grab my free ebook that will show you the top three negative thought patterns and how to overcome them.

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Free From Conflict

Become free from conflict at work with my free ecourse - it will bring you up a whole new level!

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Positive Freebies

Grab any of these positive freebies - great tools to help you think positively.

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Affirmations For The Work Place

Use these affirmations for the work place to make your job a smooth sail.

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Motivation And Positive Thinking

Discover how to use motivation and positive thinking together to achieve what you want.

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Poem About Positive Attitude

Grab a poem about positive attitude - unique uplifting literature!

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Positive Thinking Daily Affirmations

Positive thinking daily affirmations are a great tool to keep you feeling good throughout the day. Find out more in this page!

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Obstacles In Life

Sometimes it's easier to overcome the obstacles in life when you have the right tools... find out more in this page.

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Being A Perfectionist

Is being a perfectionist one of your problems? Discover what you can do about it on this page.

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Procrastination Strategies

Share in this page your best procrastination strategies.

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Overcoming Procrastination

Discover the key factors that can help you make overcoming procrastination an easy job.

Continue reading "Overcoming Procrastination"

Positive Finances

Discover how you can use positive thinking to create positive finances.

Continue reading "Positive Finances"

Positive Images

Find out how you can use positive images to keep a positive mood.

Continue reading "Positive Images"

Present Affirmations

Grab some useful present affirmations and feel safe living in the now.

Continue reading "Present Affirmations"

Resilient Positive Thinking

Resilient positive thinking is great when life comes tough - but how to build it? Find out how here!

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Living In The Present

Discover why living in the present is relevant to you - and improve your quality of life.

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Positive Attitude Phrases

Grab some positive attitude phrases to keep feeling optimistic.

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The Positive Way

Follow these tips to start living life the positive way.

Continue reading "The Positive Way"

Positive Thinking On Your Life

Pick here a few ideas to use positive thinking on your life - and be open to surprises!

Continue reading "Positive Thinking On Your Life"

Positive Thinking In Everyday Life

Discover easy ways to use positive thinking in everyday life.

Continue reading "Positive Thinking In Everyday Life"

Tip For Living In The Present

Discover the handy tip for living in the present that you can use any time.

Continue reading "Tip For Living In The Present"

Positive Quotes For The Work Place

Discover some great positive quotes for the work place that will help you to keep motivated at your job.

Continue reading "Positive Quotes For The Work Place"

Quotes For Positive Thinking

Get here some quotes for positive thinking to help you keep a positive mindset!

Continue reading "Quotes For Positive Thinking"

Free Inspiring Life Quotes

Find in this page links to different types of free inspiring life quotes to help you keep a positive attitude.

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Motivation Quote

Grab an empowering motivation quote to keep you feeling good!

Continue reading "Motivation Quote"

Affirmation Quotes

Grab some affirmation quotes to start living life in an empowering way.

Continue reading "Affirmation Quotes"

Information On A Positive Attitude

Find in this page links to useful information on a positive attitude.

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Positive Phrases About People

These positive phrases about people will leave you feeling good towards mankind ;)

Continue reading "Positive Phrases About People"

Positive Attitude Sentences

Use these positive attitude sentences to help you keep a positive attitude easily.

Continue reading "Positive Attitude Sentences"

Positive Outlook Quotes

Grab a few positive outlook quotes to keep having a positive mindset!

Continue reading "Positive Outlook Quotes"

Step Out Of Thought

This easy tip will help you to step out of thought in no time...

Continue reading "Step Out Of Thought"

Benefits Of Living In The Present

Discover some of the benefits of living in the present and gain peace in your life.

Continue reading "Benefits Of Living In The Present"

Positive Habits

Discover the main keys to creating positive habits successfully.

Continue reading "Positive Habits"


Discover how to easily create SMART goals to help you achieve what you want.

Continue reading "SMART Goals"

Best Positive Quotes

Discover the best positive quotes of this site - they'll give you a boost to your mood.

Continue reading "Best Positive Quotes"

Habit Of Repeating Phrases

How can you benefit from the habit of repeating phrases? Find out here.

Continue reading "Habit Of Repeating Phrases"

30 Days To Positive Habits

Discover in how little time you can start changing your life: it takes only 30 days to positive habits.

Continue reading "30 Days To Positive Habits"

Getting Rid Of Anxiety

Anxiety is a killer of life - discover in this page a few useful tips for getting rid of anxiety.

Continue reading "Getting Rid Of Anxiety"

Being Organised

Having too many things to do and not knowing where to start? Discover easy ways for being organised.

Continue reading "Being Organised"

Making Good Habits

Discover a few hot points to keep in mind when making good habits.

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