Things To Be Thankful For

I feel that the most important of the things to be thankful for is that we are conscious creatures, gifted with the ability of being aware of what we experience, and capable of thinking.

Isn't that alone amazing? It is such a gift to be alive!

I have compiled here a list of things that we can be grateful for, some of them coming from my own experience in life.

You'll notice that most of the things in this list are actually free and available to you too every single day.

You can use this list of things to be thankful for if you find yourself out of inspiration or in apathy, to help you turn on your heart and your appreciation for life.

I find it highly motivating to remember all the beautiful things in life that I can enjoy anytime!

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I am grateful for...

The air I breathe that keeps me alive

Clean water to drink

Good food to enjoy

My body and all the movements it swiftly performs

My sense of sight

lolo dog

My family

My friends

The beautiful house I live in


My set of watercolours

My dog Lolo

The taste of cardamom

All kinds of good quality chocolate!

The sound of the sea

A warm puppy - Schultz was right! :-)

All my plants and their positive message about life

The fresh breeze of the evening after a hot summer's day

A musical instrument being well played

An old friend remembering my birthday

A warm shower

Clean and fresh teeth

Lying on my Buddha Bag reading a good book

"Hopscotch", by Julio Cortazar

The sound of the wind moving the leaves of the trees

A good summer's day spent with friends and music

The magic of every day

The innocent smile of a child

The feeling of the sand of the beach under my feet

Growing a tree from seed

A starry night in the countryside

sun tree

The sun

Pistachio icecream


My collection of crystals

All the good music I've enjoyed and all that is to come

The good advice received exactly when needed

A comfortable and clean bed

Seagulls on the sky

A beautiful pair of earrings

A fulfilling day enjoyed doing what I like

"Real Love", by The Beatles

The Glade festival 2008

A warm and comfortable coat in the winter

Any of my hats

The like-minded people for whom I write this web site

What are you most thankful for? Rave about it and share it with the world through this form!

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