…So why would you care about the benefits of positive thinking?

There's so much to say about the benefits of positive thinking - which is why you have my website to explore, I'm not going to say it all on the home page! ;)

But the main thing is, positive thinking brings you peace in the moment. I am acutely aware that all that exists is this present moment - the future, while nice thinking about it (sometimes, you might say), is only more present once it gets here. Follow this link to learn more about living in the present.

And just reduced to the minimum, for me it's important to live this moment in peace.

What's in this website is the result of my having researched and tested my way through positive thinking - and sometimes having put the tools found to work in very dire circumstances.

What can you find in The benefits of positive thinking?

Some things that you will find on my website are summaries of positive thinking books, positive affirmations, useful tips for living in the present, helpful resources, and a bunch of other related things. All basically to help you find your way to feeling better in the moment, and to learn how to do it more often.

One more thing… I'm not a guru. I don't think anyone is - everyone goes to the toilet, right? …You know what I mean. Even the most enlightened being doesn't feel good sometimes - though their ways of dealing with it might be different from those of most people.

Anyway, this is just to say - here I'm only sharing my experience so far in life. I don't claim to be an expert on the benefits of positive thinking or to have reached a degree of perfection (or enlightenment, for the matter) in my life. I just know, for myself, that I am better at dealing with some challenges than I was before I stopped to pay attention and see what's with our thoughts playing a part in what and how we live.

And here, I just pass on things I've learned and that I've found that work, and I hope that you take away something of value for yourself.

Welcome to The benefits of positive thinking ;)


P.S. I wrote a short ebook called 'Yes to Life' - where I share some techniques, advice, and tips to deal with challenges and feel better about yourself and your life. You can get it right now for just $8 by following this link.

"I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else." Winston Churchill

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