'50 Ways To Change Your Mind And Change The World' By Chuck Spezzano

'50 ways to change your mind and change the world' is a full-on manual to transform your life.

The fifty principles explained in the book touch any and every area of your life where you could have a problem, and gives you the tools to deal with your problems successfully.

Each chapter, which can be read independently, deals with a different aspect of our lives and proposes exercises to change for the better.

Interesting areas

'50 ways to change your mind and change the world' contains many a gem of wisdom and practical advice to use in your life straight away.

These are four of the principles that I found most interesting:

  • Attitude: Our attitude towards anything pretty much dictates the results we'll get; thus it is important that we choose to have a positive attitude.

    Spezzano gives us the start if we find ourselves having a negative attitude: "If you are on the negative side, make a new choice and imagine yourself turning around and coming up into the positive side of the scale. Make the choice to use anything negative in your life as a means of learning, healing, peace and happiness."

  • The power of choice: It is in our hands to take responsibility for our lives and for the choices we make - exercising the power of choice leads to a happier life.

    As the author puts it, "For example, we cannot have a problem or be feeling poorly unless we have chosen to judge someone. We can choose to let this judgement go and regain our happiness."

  • Fear: The chapter dedicated to healing fear provides great insights into understanding fear. The author explains: "Fear is trying to deal with the future before it arrives, which is impossible".

    He gives great tools to deal with fear, and explains its relationship with problems: "One of the most common fears at the root of every problem is a fear of the next step."

  • Learning the lesson: This is probably one of the chapters in '50 ways to change your mind and change the world' that most resonated with me: "Life will knock louder and louder until we answer the door to learn the lesson. If we barricade the door or pretend no one is home, life has a way of knocking our door down to deliver the message."

Other topics

Because '50 ways to change your mind and change the world' dedicates each chapter to one specific topic, you can find many more pearls in its pages:

  • Bonding: "The lines of bonding provide a certain level of safety and protection for those who are bonded, while creating greater ease to accomplish more."

  • Happiness: "Happiness comes from love, joining and the success of partnership, which is the opposite of the ego as separation, competition and specialness."

  • Dealing with others: "Imagine treating everyone as your friend as if their interests were yours. If we began to treat everyone as our friends, whether they lived next door or ten thousand miles away, the world would quickly change and grow into an ethic of sharing, cooperation, mutuality and teamwork."

  • The present: "Unless we are totally present - in which case we are vibrant, successful, happy and joyful - some past pattern is programming our lives and experience."

I am sure that you will find this book useful in some way, given the amount of different topics covered.

You can also find insights on forgiveness, letting go, having a purpose, being rather than doing, guilt, success, or the great list of 100 dynamics that are the most common core issues to problems.

All in all, '50 ways to change your mind and change the world' is a compendium to live a happier and more peaceful life; it's an excellent manual to keep handy and re-read the chapters that most resonate with you from time to time.

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"Imagine you are at a crossroads. One of the choices facing you will take you forward in a whole new, but true, direction. The other choice eventually circles back until you will be at the same crossroads once again a few years from now. Take the new way you are called upon to be a leader."

Chuck Spezzano

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