'50 Ways To Let Go And Be Happy' By Chuck Spezzano

'50 ways to let go and be happy' is a positive thinking book that gives you practical advice to handle and heal a relationship breakup.

However, the core message of the book is to learn to let go, and in this way it is very helpful to heal yourself from any past wounds, whether coming from a relationship or from any other source.

'50 ways to let go and be happy' is an easy-to-read book. It looks into why we hold on to the past, and helps you to know yourself better.

The book is divided into short chapters, each of them with useful questions to help you see your personal situation clearly and to take the first steps towards healing.

On happiness and the ego

Spezzano's book examines where happiness comes from. It points to the fact that we look for happiness outside, wanting other people to make us feel happy and building resentment towards them when our needs are not met.

However, your happiness is entirely up to yourself. Happiness is a gift to ourselves and to those around us.

Spezzano explains that our ego keeps us stuck. The ego wants us to be right, and being right becomes more important than having peace and love with those around us.

Other bits and bobs

These are some interesting bits that you can find in '50 ways to let go and be happy':

  • Techniques to heal, like 'burning' the feelings.

  • "Do you love someone enough to let them go?"

  • Forgiveness: "Forgiveness concludes unfinished business. It ties up loose ends and allows for a new beginning."

  • Keeping expectations is a way of wanting our needs satisfied and holding on to the past. We can stop placing expectations on others when we notice how we feel when others place expectations on us.

  • Sometimes we give to take, again as a way of having our needs met. We can choose to give wholeheartedly, just for the pleasure of giving, without expecting anything in return.

I found '50 ways to let go and be happy' a useful book to obtain new insights on relationships and to learn to love yourself more, while letting go of past hurts.

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"You are at a birthing point, a place for a new beginning, a new chapter. You can choose to live in a whole new way, and leap forward out of your present experience."

Chuck Spezzano

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