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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #074 -- A New Way Of Living
January 17, 2015

A New Way Of Living

Hello Beautiful!

First of all, thank you to all of you who replied to the 'I'm back' issue of 1st January. I've been very touched reading your emails - and finding that Dare To Play It Big has been missed and is wanted back :)

I'm also very appreciative of your suggestions of what you would like to see here, as well as your thoughts and comments. I have joined your suggestions with my thoughts about the best format for Dare moving forward, and here's what you will be getting in each issue:

-A Hello! intro

-The Thought Of The Month

-A Positive Recommendation

-One Grateful Thought

I will also try to include a contest when possible ;) Please keep telling me what you want me to write about - so I can help you exactly in the way you need it.

Thank you for being there and reading this newsletter; thank you for getting in touch. You're an essential component of this work and this life ;)

Now, keep reading for an interesting thought to start mastering your reality...

The Thought Of The Month: A New Way Of Living

2014, as I let you know on 1 January, was a most interesting year. I learned two basic things: 1) you never know what happens next, and 2) reality is malleable. Like, really ;)

I have found that when you get to a consistent internal state of non-resistance (basically, when you feel good or really good most of the time, for a period of time such as weeks or months) then you can use your imagination to project what you would like to live - and it happens, sometimes very magically, and sometimes very quickly.

An added bonus is that you learn to come back to feeling good really quickly too, when you notice that something is upsetting.

See, it's all you. Whatever you perceive, experience, think about, feel... it's all within the sphere of *your* consciousness - what you identify as 'You'. Whether there is an 'objective' reality, I don't know - but I do know that I don't get to experience what you experience in the way that you do - I experience life as and from 'me', and you experience life as and from 'you'.

This is an interesting thought. If all that you live is in you, if only within your sphere of consciousness does life exist (as far as you're concerned), then there is some degree for you to 'fiddle' with what you experience - because it's all up to you. The more joyful you feel consistently, the larger the degree of fiddling.

But let's take it a few steps back. You may encounter many obstacles in your path to achieve living in a flowing, non-resisting state. The very first steps would include identifying things you tend to resist, or becoming more aware of them, and letting go of them - or finding a way around them.

Abraham-Hicks give a great analogy. They say that we are like a cork in water - our natural state is one of floating (= feeling good). Only when the cork is pushed into the water (with the pushing force being any sort of resisting state, such as anger, sadness, irritation, complaining...) do we not float.

So the first step, and what I'm proposing to you here today, is that you identify just one thing in your life that pushes you, the cork, into the water. Then, set yourself to release it.

It could be something really simple. For example: I identified that I tend to get irritated when I use the London underground when I encounter people who are standing in the way or blocking the path - if you've ever used the underground in a busy city at rush hour you'll know what I mean!

So I started to consciously become aware of when I became irritated in each situation in the underground. And every time, I would let the irritation go, I would slow down, I would look ahead to find an easy and flowing way to continue walking, or I would just step aside for a few moments and return to calm. And that's it - irritation gone.

What happens when you notice little irritations and let them go there and then, consistently, is that over time you build the habit of awareness and of easily letting go.

Then, things that used to bother you a lot start losing heaviness. Your life starts flowing better in all areas. Soon, you're finding yourself in a plateau and you can project how you want your life to be - and see it develop that way ;)

In the next few issues of Dare I'll be telling you more about how you can keep releasing resistance and living the life you want to live - so keep tuned ;)

A Positive Recommendation... and a contest!! :)

I met Diana online a few years ago. As we spoke, I could feel that she was a very strong and giving person, and that she had also gone through something traumatic. But I did not know the full picture - and then I learned about it, through her book A Child of Royalty. Wow.

Diana's book tells her life story. This is a most inspiring book: it shows you how she got to be where she is and overcame extremely difficult life circumstances, such as living with a mother with an undiagnosed and untreated mental illness, or having to be the parent for her own parents and siblings. You can read a review of A Child of Royalty by following this link.

This is a great book to start 2015 - one that will open your eyes to the fact that you can make it out of extreme depths and create a fulfilling life of value for yourself and for others. If you cannot wait to read it, then go now straight to Amazon or to Barnes&Noble and get it: A Child of Royalty ;)

Diana has kindly agreed to give away a free copy of her book through a little contest :) I know how some of you love a contest - so here is your first one of 2015!

All you need to do to enter the contest is reply to this email answering the following two questions:

1. How important to you is the issue of mental health?

A - Extremely Important

B - Very Important

C - Somewhat Important

D - Not at All Important

2. Should mental health curriculum be required for high school students? Yes or No

That's it! You could also elaborate if you have experiences of dealing with mental health issues, whether yours or someone else's - but it's not required; you will already enter in the contest if you just reply to the two questions above.

I will share your answers with Diana, and you can be sure that only me and Diana will have them - your privacy is respected. See, Diana is helping the world in dealing with mental health issues, and whatever you can share about your experiences would be helpful to her to help people better.

Reply to this email with your answers by 31 January. On 1 February I will email the winner, who will be chosen randomly by a randomizing software (such as I will ask the winner in the email for their postal address, which I will then pass on to Diana so that she can send you your free copy of A Child of Royalty.

So reply now, and enter the contest. Diana and I appreciate your answers and wish you good luck! :)

A Grateful Thought

If I had to think about the one main thing I'm grateful for, that would no doubt be the breath.

Not just because it's the very first thing that makes us alive - but also because focusing on your breath gives you incredible benefits: it keeps you calm in a situation of stress, it helps you to relax, and it brings you more awareness - among many other changes that you will feel if you spend just a few minutes focused on your breath every day.

Breathe yourself to success ;)

Thank you for reading this issue of Dare To Play It Big, the free positive thinking newsletter of The Benefits Of Positive Thinking.

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Stay well,


"While there seem to be many things to manage in the world, the most important thing to manage is your consciousness."

Alan Cohen

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