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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #064 -- Allow The Good Feeling In!
April 17, 2013

Allow The Good Feeling In!

In this issue...

  • What I've been up to: 'How Can You Make It Fun?'

  • The monthly thought: Allow The Good Feeling In!

  • The positive recommendation: 'The Deepest Acceptance' With Jeff Foster

  • The thanking corner: finding coins and soap

    What I've been up to: 'How Can You Make It Fun?'

    As I started writing this piece of the monthly newsletter, I asked myself, 'So what have I been up to?'

    Well - I've been having fun! :)

    My life hasn't been particularly easy lately, yet somehow I look back and I feel that I've spent the majority of my time feeling good and having fun, regardless what went on outside me (notice I said 'the majority' of my time - I'm not exempt from downs ;)

    Seriously, you can have fun even if the toughest thing is going on in your life. Maybe you spend two thirds of your day in sorrow - but oh boy you sure will make the most of the other third where you're alright!

    So I've been having fun by exploring London (see me in the pic, having found a quiet garden set up in an old church cemetery in a wealthy area), reading a lot, writing for my website, drawing, eating out, enjoying my day job, having interesting conversations, listening to enlightening talks, browsing through open-air markets, sitting at the park...

    I want to leave you with a thought that can help you find your happiness your way: 'How can I make it fun?' - And then, if you dare (and I bet you do), 'How can I make it even more fun?' ;)

    The Monthly Thought: Allow The Good Feeling In!

    By this time of your life you probably feel in your bones that at the bottom of it all lies the great mystery, that feeling of everything being perfect and right the way it's supposed to be. You cannot quite explain it, but you feel it.

    Some call it God, the Tao, Jesus, the Universe, Energy, Source...

    If you've had but just a glimpse of that feeling then you'll want to return to it over and over, finding that living life from that perspective is actually much more fulfilling (and easy!) than trying to go about your daily businesses in the way you've done for most of your life.

    I somehow feel that the whole point of us being alive is to get to embody that feeling more and more. It feels as if Life wants to happen through us in a very joyful way. Our task is getting our small selves out of the way.

    Today I want to share with you a quick yet handy list of 9 Helpful Reminders to allow more of that great feeling into your daily life:

    1. Everything passes. You're at rock bottom? Know that this will pass too.

    2. Take pleasure on something small. It could be eating a piece of chocolate, hearing birds singing, seeing a dog playing.

    3. We are never complete. We're always striving towards creating something better in our lives. And when we have done so, there will be something else we want.

    4. Play with Magic. Pretend that every feather you find is a sign of a angel watching over you, have a conversation with a plant, imagine that every child is a very wise being in disguise with something to teach you.

    5. Focus only on your breathing for a few moments every day. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more benefits you'll reap - for a start, you'll increase your self-awareness.

    6. Do something that makes you feel love. Help someone, think about the good memories of time spent with a loved one, imagine your favourite place on Earth and pretend that you are there.

    7. Care for your own body. Do a little adjustment: half an hour more of sleep, a few stretches at 11:11, more vegetables and less sweets one day a week.

    8. Do something new. Take a different route to work, eat a few spoonfuls of food with the hand you don't normally use, read a book or watch a movie of a genre you've never explored.

    9. Be a good friend to yourself. Hey, you're doing the best you can with what you know. Forgive yourself, make peace with yourself, cheer yourself up.

    Last, I leave you with this cute little song I encountered through a friend: 'Summer' from Joe Hisaishi, from the movie 'Kikujiro' - I haven't watched it - here's something new for me to do ;) The song makes me feel hopeful, alive, optimistic, and - yes, as if living in an eternal summer :)

    The Positive Recommendation: 'The Deepest Acceptance' With Jeff Foster

    A little while ago I came across an author I had not heard about: Jeff Foster. I discovered him through listening to a conversation with him at, entitled 'The Deepest Acceptance'.

    If you thought that Eckhart Tolle, with his Power of Now, was cutting-edge material for living in the present moment, Jeff Foster takes it one step further by bringing in the power of loving acceptance of whatever arises in the now.

    I highly recommend you to listen to both parts of the conversation 'The Deepest Acceptance' and see which gifts they bring you:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    The Thanking Corner

    I believe that being grateful for something is one of the most powerful tools to feel better immediately. Here are the two thanking bits of the month:

    Thankful for... finding coins! When I first arrived in London, nearly 11 years ago, it called my attention that there seemed to be so much small change just lying on the streets. I started picking up the coins I found - mostly pennies, but also the occasional pound -, taking it as a sign of good luck. I estimate that I've picked up over £800 over the years... finding coins always brightens up my day :)

    Thankful for... soap. Remember I told you about toilet paper in the last issue? Well, here's another handy toiletry: soap. How pleasant it is to wash your hands when you feel them dirty, or to have a nice shower or bath with hot water and a nice-smelling shower gel! I particularly love the smell of lavender, orange and rose :)

    What are you thankful for? Share your gratitude on this page and read what others are thankful for!

    Thank you for reading this issue of Dare To Play It Big, the free positive thinking newsletter of The Benefits Of Positive Thinking.

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    Stay well,


    "Interpret events in your favor."

    -Alan Cohen

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