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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #077 -- Space Clearing
April 17, 2015

Space Clearing

In this issue...

  • The Thought Of The Month: Space Clearing

  • A Positive Recommendation: Silence

  • One Grateful Thought: A window to the West

    Hello Gorgeous!

    Spring is now a reality here in London, UK. The season of new births has come with an unexpected new birth for me, as you know. I hope that you're having your particular births too (hopefully expected ones!) - this would be a good time for you to take stock of your life and see what you want to have happen this year. It's never too late to start! ;)

    As new births bring in a new type of energy, I thought it would be very apt that I speak about energy clearing in this issue of Dare. You may also be feeling some sort of pull to clear out the cobwebs - literally or figuratively - and to wake up from the winter season and get ready for something new.

    And if you are in the Southern hemisphere, this is also a good time to clear out stuff you may have accumulated in the last season and get ready for Autumn with a lot more clarity. So - keep reading and keep well! Here's for a lot more clarity in 2015 ;)

    The Thought Of The Month: Space Clearing

    I love anything having to do with space clearing and energy clearing. In Spanish we've got a saying, 'Cuantos menos bultos, más claridad' - The less items, the more clarity.

    See, everything is energy. And so every thing that we own also carries its own energy. Think of a gift that a relative might have given you and that you have kept because it's a gift - even if you don't really like it. It carries energy. And chances are that either you've kept it somewhere hidden, or you have it on display but feel a certain heaviness whenever you see it.

    So having just moved into a new place, this is for me the perfect time to do some energy clearing. I only want to keep those things that I really love or that I use, and I am little by little getting rid of all those things that no longer bring anything into my life. As I do this, I feel lighter, as I let go of energy that belongs to the past or that it's not really part of 'me'.

    In this sense, I use Denise Linn's advice on clearing one's own space - she gives excellent advice in her book 'Sacred Space: Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home' - for example, about each item that you have you ask yourself, 'Do I love it? Do I use it?'. I also use Karen Kingston's advice as per her book 'Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui'. If you're interested in enhancing your own life, do get yourself one of these books (I'd recommend Denise's book first).

    Furthermore, both Denise and Karen speak about the ba-gua, which is an ancient Chinese system to place items in your home - or office space, or any space, for the matter. The ba-gua system divides any space into nine areas, which include all areas of your life (relationships, financial, family, inner knowledge, health...). Denise and Karen explain how to best place items and furniture in your home so that they contribute to create good flowing energy, thus contributing to enhancing all areas of your life.

    Since I first came across the ba-gua I pay special attention to what I have and how I place it in my space. I have made small changes using their advice, which includes the use of mirrors for example, and (I would say not by coincidence) I have experienced interesting enhancing changes.

    As Denise says, don't ask me how it works - I only know that it works. Here's a funny story related to the ba-gua system that happened to me and a friend...

    My friend came to visit my place last year. We had something to eat, and she helped me to do the dishes. She removed a ring in order to wash the dishes, which I found after she had left. I thought I'd place it in a secure place, so I would remember and also no one else could find it - it is a very special ring for her. Without paying much attention, I placed it in the Love area of my room.

    My friend hadn't had a boyfriend for some time (she really loves and respects herself and will only admit into her life those men who seem to match what she wants). She phoned me a few days later, saying 'Guess what - I met this awesome guy and he invited me out. We're starting to see each other. I'm really excited'. All of a sudden the ring came to mind - and I said 'I may have something to do with that - I'm sorry - I placed your ring in the love area of my room!'

    My friend is into the ba-gua as I am, so we both laughed. At some point when she visited again I returned the ring to her. The relationship with the guy she had met didn't work out - which made us both think that one shouldn't interfere with someone else's items or energy!

    If you've ever got rid of quite a few clothes or things at once, you know how light you feel afterwards. And even better - when you let go of things that no longer add anything to your life, you allow better things to come to you.

    My suggestion for this month is that you start going through your stuff and start getting rid of those things you no longer want (and yes, this includes unwanted gifts - no guilt here). In our house we have a box at the entrance where we place the things we don't want, and we invite every visitor to go through the boxes and take with them whatever they like. In this way, we love knowing that each item finds its perfect owner - thus recycling, and allowing energy to flow. And we all get to feel good :)

    A Positive Recommendation: Silence

    I would love to have brought you a recommendation of some useful talk or video you could watch online - however technical difficulties have prevented me from doing so (read: we don't have internet in the house yet). As a result I've spent much of my time sorting out my stuff, taking walks, and reading - and where I would normally have music on or have talks in the background while I get things done, I've spent most of this month surrounded by silence.

    It's interesting, isn't it - we're so connected to technology nowadays that when you don't have access to the internet or to music your world shifts a bit. I must say that I am not in despair - I am enjoying this phase for what it is, one with silence and time to process my own thoughts and emotions.

    When was the last time you got home and you didn't have internet, TV, or music? My suggestion for this month is that you choose one day and you pretend that you have no access to the usual technologies that fill your evening. No TV, radio, music, internet, wassup... allow yourself to experience one evening surrounded by silence, or just with the company of whoever you live with.

    Here, you're creating a new space... ;)

    A Grateful Thought: A window to the West

    I've always liked having a window to the East, because I like seeing the sunrise and the magical colours of the sky. As it goes, when I went to see the house I've just moved in with my two friends, it was night, and so although I immediately had a feeling for the room I liked for myself, I couldn't tell if the window led to the East.

    After we moved in I discovered that the window leads... to the West! I am very fortunate in that there are no tall buildings around so I actually have quite a large view of a large part of London - and I get to see the sunset every day, with more beautiful colours every day - see the pic above! I thought I wanted something I liked, and I got something even better - to the West :)

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    "Make the most of what comes, and the least of what goes."

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