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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #081 -- You And God
August 17, 2015

You And God

In this issue...

  • The Thought Of The Month: You And God

  • A Positive Recommendation: Transactional Analysis

  • One Grateful Thought: The beach

    Hello Beautiful Being! :)

    I hope you're finding yourself refreshed. I certainly feel refreshed - I went on holidays to Spain for a couple of weeks, one of them spent with my family at a hotel by the beach :)

    I love the sea. The coast of southern Spain that is closest to Portugal has kilometers-long beaches, meaning there is plenty of space for everybody (they're never crowded) and you can walk and pick shells for hours (see in the picture a selection of some I picked!).

    I loved sitting in the wet sand feeling the water on my legs, feeling the sense of thougthless space. This time felt like a reset button for me :)

    On another note, I want to try an experiment for the next coming month. I want to come back to coaching and I want to learn what sort of thing you need help with.

    So for the next month, until 17 September only, I am offering coaching on a Pay-What-You-Wish basis. This means that you can book a coaching session with me (30min or 1h sessions) and you pay whatever you want - whatever you deem appropriate as per the benefit you have got from the session. You can also read more about my coaching on this page: Empowered Experience.

    This quite excites me :) If you're interested, please email me back quoting the code REFRESHED, telling me what you want help with and if you want a 30min or 1h session, and your city and country so I can work out the time difference between you and me. I'll then email you to schedule our session. I look forward to hearing from you! :)

    This will be a growing exercise for me, and aim to give you value too - so looking forward to seeing what comes out of it :)

    I hope you keep refreshing yourself smoothly through to September ;)

    The Thought Of The Month: You And God

    The Thought of this month follows on the suggestions you made in January on what you would like to see in this newsletter.

    Joe wrote to me: "I will like to see your opinion of what is the truth church, millions of humans beings are still confused and have lost faith in GOD [...] How can people practice being positive if GOD is missing out of their life?"

    I find that the idea of God is very relevant to the theme of this year about releasing resistance - thank you, Joe :)

    To give you a bit of background, I didn't grow up with any religion. My parents didn't follow any particular religion, and my first contact with Christianity was when we had religion lessons at the Jesuit high school I attended. At the time, none of what we were taught made sense to me - especially not the idea of a God that was punishing. If I was to believe in anything, why would I like to believe in something that made me feel fear?

    Having been brought up with a pragmatic vision of life and with a 'blank canvas' in the field of religion allowed me to be open-minded to the different religions and belief systems I explored in my twenties, and to look at how the different ideas made me feel.

    My point of view, which tends to echo Eastern traditions, is that it's all one same energy, which has taken different shapes in the form of human beings, to 'meet' with itself through physical form. If you want to call that energy 'God', then you are part of God too; in other words, you're God manifested in a specific way.

    I feel that at the core all religions point at that one same energy, in different ways; and I respect whatever anyone wants to believe.

    Now how you apply the idea that you are a part of God to your everyday reality and to releasing resistance? Joe points at it indirectly with his question. For me, when you live being aware that you are God manifested in a particular way, you tend to appreciate yourself more, and appreciate others around you too. You become less judgmental and more accepting. In so doing, you're actually 'being positive'.

    One way I look at it is, the more resistance you release the closer you get to God, or to understand that you are a part of it. Imagine resistance of any kind as an actual physical wall - a barrier of some sorts. The moment you become aware of the resistance that is going on within you to an outside stimulus, the possibility for the dissolution of that resistance becomes available.

    As the dissolution takes place, it's as if the bricks of the wall were being taken off or just dissolved into the air. From another perspective, God is becoming more aware of itself through you.

    For example, when you come across someone in a grumpy mood who may be a bit dismissive, and you actively choose to be nice to them - you're dissolving that barrier, that resistance in the form of irky feeling that you might have felt. You're actually may also be dissolving the resistance that was in the grumpy person, to the point that their mood may improve.

    Going back to Joe's question, for me you actually involve God into your life when you practice releasing resistance and allow life as it is to happen, among other ways. Some religions offer a certain idea of God. My perspective is, choose whatever idea of God makes you feel the best, as it's your own life and your own belief system, which only you have control over.

    My proposal for you this month is this: look first at your own idea of God. Then, in your daily life see where you're being the closest to your idea of God - if your God is compassionate, notice where you are compassionate to others. What other ways do you have when being in the world that reflect an all-encompassing energy?

    Keep well, keep Godding ;)

    A Positive Recommendation: Transactional Analysis

    Have you ever walked away after a conversation with someone with the feeling that some sort of role was being played? Have you ever tried to help someone with suggestions, only to hear 'Yes, but...' to all of them? Have you ever encountered someone who seemed to be giving you helpful criticism, yet you felt put down and treated as a child?

    If so, Transactional Analysis will help you to understand what was going on in each of those interactions. Transactional Analysis (TA) is a theory in psychology that examines the interactions between people in terms of the 'role' they play (Parent, Child, or Adult) and the needs these role-playing satisfies in each individual.

    TA can be a very dry subject if you read about it in psychology books, however here's a very helpful resource that makes TA easy to understand:

    The benefits that you get from knowing about TA and the different 'games' played is that you can identify better what your own psychological needs might be, you grow as a person, and you turn towards a more authentic way of relating with other people.

    Aside from the resource above, you can do a search for Transactional Analysis in Google, read about it in the Wikipedia page, or get yourself Eric Berne's book 'Games People Play'.

    A Grateful Thought: The beach

    You might have guessed it... I'm thankful for the beach :) I love that feeling of spaciousness, the fresh air, the sand on my feet, and feeling the power of the sea as soon as you dip into the water. The sea washes you and gives you back to yourself, anew ;)

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    "If you want to be happy, be."

    Leo Tolstoy

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