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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #061 -- You Survived 2012!
December 17, 2012

You Survived 2012!

In this issue...

  • What I've been up to: "We Survived 2012" = Wiser, And Stronger

  • The monthly thought: Four Final Tips

  • A positive recommendation: A Breakthrough Session With Diva Carla

  • The thanking corner: stain-remover wipes and dogs

    What I've been up to: "We Survived 2012" = Wiser, And Stronger

    Welcome to the last issue of 2012 of 'Dare To Play It Big'!

    Challenging year, 2012... I joke with my friends that I'm going to make myself a t-shirt that reads 'I survived 2012' ;)

    However, from the challenges that we experience we come back to life wiser and stronger - and those are the two main points that I would like you to take from reading this last newsletter of 2012.

    For one, I've made this newsletter much shorter - as no doubt you'll already be immersed in the pre-Christmas rush. And also, I've arranged with my friend Diva Carla a special offer for a session with her at about half the price you'd normally pay... I can tell you that a session with her will change your life - as I have experienced that myself. Read more about this in the Positive Recommendation!

    Me: I'm feeling anew. I can't put it into words just yet [plus I promised I'd be brief ;)], but something new has been born, and I know it will see the light more and more in 2013... and it will also show in this newsletter - as I have several ideas to revamp it, make it more to the point, and with more pics - yes, I have taken into account that as time goes by we have more obligations and less time ;)

    For now... I leave you hoping that you have a beautiful end of 2012, and that you keep your spirits high for 2013. I'll be here. You'll be there too. We'll keep connecting and making an amazing adventure of this which we call Life ;)

    The Monthly Thought: Four Final Tips

    2012 has been a challenging year for me... It has brought me many unexpected gifts, such as a job that I truly love or new connections with people with whom I really click; but it has also brought me very difficult times where I've had to look hard at my own patterns of thought and behaviour, and confront deep fears, such as that of finishing a long-term relationship.

    I have however learned a lot throughout this year... and so for this last newsletter of 2012, and before the expected 21st of December comes along, I have distilled a few tips that I want to pass on to you:

    • Before you can welcome something better into your life, you've got to have room for it. The room is made by letting go of something that no longer serves you. You can avoid yourself unnecessary suffering by acknowledging that what dies off no longer serves you, and that it is in your benefit that it leaves your life - call it a person, a job, a thing, a place...

    • Trust your intuition (your gut feeling). Not doing so will cost you in the long run - most commonly in the form of emotional pain. My grandfather had a saying, "It's better to be once red, than a thousand times yellow" - meaning that it is better to go through a deeply painful experience once than to tip-toe and feel a bit of pain a thousand times. I found that my grandfather was right :)

    • Spend time alone, not doing anything. Just sit somewhere, or take a walk, or simply lay in bed awake and on your own. Time just for yourself allows you to 'gather yourself up', to make sense of what you experience, to have a sense of peace and space, and it allows for your hearing your intuition loud and clear.

    • Reach out to people when you're having a tough time. You'll be surprised to see how many people have actually gone through a similar experience and can help you, how many kind ears will be able to listen to you and offer solace, and how help is available to you in buckets. You truly are not alone ;)

    One last thought... I have also realized throughout 2012 that oftentimes we already have all that we need to feel truly content, but somehow we keep thinking that 'something is missing', and we name a thousand things that we need before we can feel like 'Now it's fine, now I got it, now I can relax'. So here's something I want you to ponder:

    How would you feel if you already had that which you seek?

    Let it in, let yourself notice your own emotions... and let yourself be guided. You are loved, and all is well.

    See you in 2013! ;)

    The Positive Recommendation: A Breakthrough Session With Diva Carla

    The last Positive Recommendation of 2012 is a very special one: it's an offer for you to experience a Breakthrough session with my friend Diva Carla, at half the price you'd normally pay. Hear, hear - Diva Carla can help you...

    See, I had a Breakthrough session with Diva Carla in regards to jealousy in relationships. For me the session was truly a breakthrough: I uncovered the root of jealousy for me, and I obtained a new approach to relationships which I had not considered before. And this came at the best time of my life, as I'm making room for a whole new dimension of myself ;)

    So I know for a fact that Diva Carla can help you - and not only can she help you in regards to relationships, but in many other areas of your life as well. I asked her to write something for you, as a way of introduction, so here are her words to you...

    "You have a purpose and you have bright, hot desire to live your dream! Yet you are stuck in an old story, a soul-sucking job (or two), and a relationship pattern that isn't working for you.

    I know you, because I have been in your shoes.

    You want it all: Love, More Money, and the opportunity to share your gifts with the world. Something is stopping you from achieving your dream as fabulously as you deserve.

    You need a breakthrough, and I want to help you have one so you can start the New Year ready to rock and roll your way to a great business, a super relationship, more money --More Life!"

    I'm totally confident in recommending that you take a session with Diva Carla - because I've seen her work her magic with me, and I know that she helps men and women with other sticky subjects, such as earning more money or sexuality issues. She offers a safe and confidential space where you can allow yourself to be vulnerable - and over all, be really helped!

    Diva Carla's offer is exclusive for the readers of Dare To Play It Big, and it's time-limited. Today, December 17 through December 22, Diva Carla is offering her famous 30-minute Live Your Dream in 2013 Breakthrough session at a special investment: usually offered for $197, you have the opportunity have your breakthrough for only $97!

    Here is the link to the page:

    Special Offer for Dare Readers

    To schedule your session click the payment button and make your payment through PayPal. Upon check out you will be directed to a page with instructions for scheduling your session.

    If you found 2012 challenging and you're tired of the same old stuff, then make this a Christmas present for yourself and book a Breakthrough session with Diva Carla. Here are three reasons why you want to do it:

    1. Diva Carla really can help you 2. You will start 2013 with a new focus 3. You get the session at half the price!

    Here's a bit more about Diva Carla...

    Diva Carla helps spiritual women entrepreneurs discover the secret inner power of their sexual energy. She teaches business skills and money mindset so they know how to channel that energy into their business in a juicy, exciting way. As a result, they have the passion and freedom to play big in the world, make more money, help more people and love their life.

    At home in Maine, Diva Carla is an artist and healer. Along with her work with entrepreneurs, she guides people through deep transformation in ceremony and initiation into the Sacred Feminine. She is the Keeper of Hope Peace Chamber, and holds sweat lodge, vision quest and sacred dance on her land. She's also the delighted grandmother of three cute grandkids.

    You can learn more about Diva Carla at her website: Orgasmic Alchemy

    Ready for a New You? Go follow the link above and speak to Diva Carla. You'll thank me later ;)

    The Thanking Corner

    I believe that being grateful for something is one of the most powerful tools to feel better immediately. Here are the two thanking bits of the month:

    Thankful for... stain-remover wipes. What a neat little invention! I saw them sold in packets of five at a small supermarket, I thought that they could come handy, and I bought a packet. Sure enough, a few days later I dropped some coffee on my white trousers on my way to work - but then I had the wipes, which took away all of the stain leaving barely a hint of it... Talk about magic! :)

    Thankful for... dogs! You may know that I had a dog - I took him as a stray and he lived with me and my family in Seville for the remaining of his life, which was about 10 years. He, and dogs in general, make me feel so comfortable, because I can share with them a kind of love and affection which is free from the human complexes we all carry. You know what they say - "Dog" is "God" spelled backwards ;)

    What are you thankful for? Share your gratitude on this page and read what others are thankful for!

    Thank you for reading this issue of Dare To Play It Big, the free positive thinking newsletter of The Benefits Of Positive Thinking.

    Care to send me your thoughts about this issue's topics? Email me and let me know!

    If you enjoyed this newsletter, please pass it along to your friends, family and colleagues, or send them to the Dare To Play It Big sign up page. I thank you in advance.

    Stay well,


    "If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade."

    -Tom Peters

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