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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #062 -- How To Be Your Real Self?
January 17, 2013

You Survived 2012!

In this issue...

  • What I've been up to: Changes Yeah :)

  • The monthly thought: How To Be Your Real Self?

  • Sounds True

  • The thanking corner: pink peppercorn and classical music

    What I've been up to: Changes Yeah :)

    Ah interesting times!

    In the past month, the most significant relationship in my life was right on the verge of finishing; a new potential relationship turned up (even though I was not looking for it); the most significant relationship got back on track but at a new level.

    Changes, eh?

    Lots of people I know experienced the whole 21st December thing rather like a month of deep changes. And as always, we've come out on the other side with new skills and wisdom.

    For me the changes brought mainly 1) a new outlook on fear, and 2) an urge of 'becoming coherent' with myself.

    Some of my friends and other people I've spoken to have also felt a need to become more aligned with 'their true self'.

    And that's why the Thought of the Month below is set out to show you how you can become more in line with your own self, in practical terms.

    May we always keep open to changes ;)

    The Monthly Thought: How To Be Your Real Self?

    So here is the thing. We talk about 'creating habits' because we know that doing this or that would be beneficial to us.

    We then try to implement those habits through the left-side-of-the-brain approach: have a plan, take this action, reflect on results, adapt.

    Yes, it works. But - only when you've gone about the whole business of ditching old habits and creating new ones through your right-side-of-the-brain intelligence.

    And this type of intelligence occurs when you listen to your heart. Listening to your heart conduces you to become more aligned with who you truly are. Then, implementing changes is just the easiest thing ever. Because you actually *want to* make changes, rather than because you think you *should*.

    For me, one of the things I've found more in alignment with who I really am is waking up early. Not with the scarce half an hour to get ready for work - but with the two hours gap before I need to get ready or leave.

    Waking up early makes me feel good. I have plenty of time for a good breakfast, exercise, meditate, work on the current project, read something inspiring, prepare for the day, and see the sunrise :)

    So if you feel like it's time to heal and become happier, more grounded, and more in alignment with who you really are, then look at the possible areas where you can let go of things that don't serve you:

    • Personal relationships: Are you letting yourself be manipulated by others? Do you keep your feelings to yourself?

    • Your health: Are you eating stuff that you know is bad for you? Are you just not bothering about exercising?

    • Your job: Are you doing something unfulfilling? Are you accepting occasional work that you don't really want to do?

    • Money: Do you hold beliefs of scarcity? Do you use money in an unwise way? (Notice that you can believe in abundance AND still use money wisely)

    • Your house: Do you have lots of things that you don't use? Is the space where you relax a cluttered one?

    These are some of the things that I don't find in alignment with me, and that I'm ditching:

      -tolerating abusive behaviour without voicing my feelings and stating that I do not wish to be treated in that way

      -eating so much sugar in the form of biscuits, chocolate, and sweet stuff —- as I type I'm actually snacking on a raw pea salad - raw peas, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pink peppercorn, and salt - in case you're curious ;)

      -spending time thinking about people who trigger in me feelings of low self-esteem (I always end up feeling bad and nothing changes!)

      -selling myself short - whether by denying my gifts or by not believing in my own worth

    Go on - take some time to *feel* how it is that you actually want to live your life. Acting on your heart will be easy ;) Oh - and would love to know about what you choose to do - drop me an email and tell me! :)

    The Positive Recommendation: Sounds True

    Here's my recommendation for the month: the website I am subscribed to their weekly podcast - which contains some interesting podcasts and excerpts of books. I tend to always find something of value in them.

    SoundsTrue has all 'being-centered' stuff. They have meditation products, stress-relief products, interviews, music, radio, yoga-related products, online courses...

    Here's the link for

    And also - as an affiliate of them, I got a link for you to use if you want to buy something, where if your order is over $50 you get $10 off: Save $10 on Sounds True Products

    Enjoy! :)

    The Thanking Corner

    I believe that being grateful for something is one of the most powerful tools to feel better immediately. Here are the two thanking bits of the month:

    Thankful for... pink peppercorn! Even though I had tried pink peppercorn before, I had never had it as a staple spice in my kitchen. But two weeks ago I was really struck by its taste, so I bought a little bottle. I'm loving it! :)

    Thankful for... classical music! I'm right now listening to a selection of the best of Chopin - absolutely a delicatessen, and perfect soothing beautiful music to get stuff done! :)

    What are you thankful for? Share your gratitude on this page and read what others are thankful for!

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