Allowing Yourself To Be You

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  • What I've been up to: Glade, letting go, being

  • The monthly thought: Allowing Yourself To Be You

  • Inspiration from you: "It's a miracle"

  • A positive recommendation: "Manifesting Change"

  • The thanking corner: Glade 2011 and raspberries

    What I've been up to: Glade, letting go, being

    Summer is here again, and with it comes the Glade festival. If you've been reading these newsletters for a while you'll remember the first time I went to the Glade festival and how beautiful a time I had.

    This time has been even better. Maybe because it was all a bit in the air up to two days before going, and because I was really wanting to go but also realized the importance of going with the flow. I had an amazing few days - you just need to look at the pic ;-)

    Also perhaps because of the contrast between camping and my normal daily life, I can see how we're more and more invaded with information of all sorts - the emails you receive daily, but also your connection with others in places like Facebook or Twitter - it all makes for an increased amount of information.

    And so, in the good style of Leo Babauta's "Zen habits handbook for life", I have started to let go of bits and pieces which are time-consuming and which don't add value to my life.

    For someone like me, who would like to get to do all that is in my to-do lists or in my agenda/diary and emails, letting go of stuff is challenging and liberating at the same time. It means overcoming a small threshold, trusting that everything will still go fine even if I don't do X or Z.

    And invariably, everything does go fine. I like decluttering. It allows me to have more time to do something I've been compelled to do more and more lately: sit and just be. Simply that. No rushing, no 'have to', no 'should', no nothing. Just being. It is such a refreshing thing.

    Wishing that June is treating you with as much love and care as it's treating me!

    The Monthly Thought: Allowing Yourself To Be You

    As a person with a lot of deeply ingrained complexes, I have been on the path of self-development for quite a while. I have been doing it for myself, but I realize that at times I did it for other people too.

    This is, I was changing myself to not feel bad if I was rejected, or to be more lighthearted, or whatever, so that I would be accepted by others.

    At my worst times, I kept on thinking of myself as not sufficiently interesting/deep/beautiful or what have you; summing up, some sort of 'not good enough' for others.

    At those times I felt that the only possibility for me to feel better around my issues was to completely let go of the need of being accepted by others. This is, to picture myself in the worst case scenario: living alone, not having any meaningful relationships with anybody, being ridiculed any time I opened my mouth.

    And here comes the funny thing. The moment you let go of the need of being accepted by others and allow yourself to be yourself, you realize the only one thing that matters: that you like yourself.

    See, you interact with other people, you communicate with other people - but at the end of the day the person you go to bed with, always, is you. And the important thing is that you like yourself - that you give yourself your own approval, so to speak. Then again, the next step in growing stronger comes when you even let go of the need of approving of yourself ;-)

    I'm not saying that you let go of the need for approval once and that's that. You keep on letting go of it over and over, when you catch yourself acting the way you think is going to please others. You keep on getting back to yourself and whether you're good enough for yourself.

    Then, invariably, you find that you're quite excellent for yourself. You're happy with the way you are, when you take others away from the picture.

    And this is my suggestion to you for this coming month: that you keep on getting to yourself. That you allow yourself to be yourself more and more. That you notice all the times that you are happy with you, and that you let go more and more of the need for approval.

    One more surprise in the bag... when you start being happy with you, then others like you more. When you don't need the approval of others any more, you'll have it. But remember - what's important is that you allow yourself to be you.

    Loving you ;-)

    Inspiration From You: "It's a miracle"

    Every month I receive emails from readers - some of them contain questions or comments, and some of them are contributions, such as a positive story, an article or a tip.

    This month SMC, from Laredo, Texas, shared this moving piece of gratitude:

    "It's a miracle"

    Few months ago I wrote you about one of my sister that it was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. To be exact the date was October 18, 2010 when were told. For us as a family we were devastated. But we still gave thanks to the Lord that we have our sister with us.

    She started her chemotherapy and it was hard to see my sister deteriorating from one day to the next in such a rapid way. To make the story short in April 18th at the exact six months that she got her diagnosis, her doctor after making several tests told her that she was cancer free. So can you imagine how thankful we all are?

    We are a very close family and all of us give thanks and pray every day to keep us close to each other always.

    You can read this piece of gratitude on its page at "It's a miracle".

    Thanks, SMC! :-)

    The Positive Recommendation: "Manifesting Change"

    I came across Mike Dooley's videos of his tour 'Manifesting Change' a while ago and since I have been playing them in the background while I do things about at home. As usual, Dooley's speech is engaging and full of hope (I loved the 'Infinite Possibilities' recordings).

    In his 'Manifesting Change' videos he brings back the all powerful message: "Thoughts become things", and explains how to go about stating the end result of what we want.

    The 'Manifesting Change' videos are a must-watch. Do make some time for them - you may discover they carry a message for you.

    The Thanking Corner

    I believe that being grateful for something is one of the most powerful tools to feel better immediately. Here are the two thanking bits of the month:

    Thankful for... Glade 2011! For the third year I went with my husband and a friend to the Glade festival in the UK - and it was a blast of a time! Dancing, camping, enjoying the variety in the people - three days of pure catharsis. I'm ever so thankful! :-)

    Thankful for... raspberries. I have a few plants of raspberries and every summer they fill my senses with the taste of completely naturally grown raspberries. Nature - ready to eat!

    What are you thankful for? Share your gratitude on this page and read what others are thankful for!

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    "Man is free at the moment he wishes to be."


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