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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #076 -- Kairos
March 17, 2015


In this issue...

  • The Thought Of The Month: Kairos

  • A Positive Recommendation: Brainspotting

  • One Grateful Thought: The force that has pulled me through

    Hello You!

    I hope your 2015 is starting to show in the way that you want it... Spring almost here in the Northern hemisphere - what a beautiful time of the year :)

    Remember Diana's contest in January for a copy of her book A Child of God? Well, Sandy was the winner, but two months later I still have not heard from her... so I've decided to run the contest a second time - and we have a new winner! Congratulations Arnaldo! Please contact me with your postal address so that Diana can send you a copy of her book.

    And me... well, I'm separating from my husband of 11 years. Mind you, it's not the first time I separate - I did it in January last year, we came back together in August. Only that this time the separation is final.

    As you may imagine I've experienced quite a range of emotions, and extracted very valuable lessons from all this experience, which I will be sharing in newsletters to come - not so much the details of my relationship, as I want to keep his privacy, but rather what I've learned of value that may serve you.

    This is my choice, and it's a conscious decision *for* me. I have found a beautiful maisonette with two friends and the three of us will be moving together within the next two weeks...

    ...which brings me to the Thought of the Month of this issue: the concept of kairos. Curious? Keep reading... and keep well ;)

    The Thought Of The Month: Kairos

    Kairos is a Greek word that means timing - as in, 'at the right time' - rather than the word Chronos, which refers to time as something measurable.

    I love the concept of kairos - the idea that everything happens at the right time.

    Think about it for a moment in your own life. For example, you may have left home late, yet when you get to the bus (or train, or underground) it's just there, as if waiting for you to get in to leave.

    Or, looking at larger things, think about how something you wanted with didn't seem to materialize (a house, a job, a partner) - and then it appears when everything has come together in a perfect way, and it comes just at the right time.

    Looking at my own life, I acknowledge the presence of kairos. For example, as I communicated to my husband this time that I wanted to separate, just the following day when I went into Facebook I found a conversation with two friends who were proposing we all moved in together - and in just two weeks we've found a place for us three to move in.

    In this sense, kairos sometimes looks a bit like the whole universe is waiting for you to take a decision - and when you do, everything is already in place there for you. Not before, or after - just when you're ready. Now that's timing :)

    My proposal to you this month is that you start to acknowledge when kairos happens in your life. Also, what actions do you know you need to take, but haven't taken them out of fear of the future? You may want to consider how following your intuition or your gut feeling seems to bring a lot of kairos in your life - so no need for fear, know that you will be supported by life.

    At the beginning of the year I read about the 7-year cycles and how 2015 is a perfect year to make big changes - such as starting or finishing a relationship, moving house, or changing jobs. So far I'm myself leaving a relationship and moving - and through kairos everything is in place for the next stage of my life.

    And you? Is this a kairos year for you? ;)

    A Positive Recommendation: Brainspotting

    I've always been fascinated by the power of our minds to evolve and how we can manipulate that change to make it happen at will - to change our thoughts, our feelings, and consciously contribute to our own evolution.

    Here's a very interesting interview on the topic of brainspotting - or, literally, how where we look affects how we feel. You can listen to it, download it to listen while you commute, or read the transcript - whichever way, get going and find out more about how you can effect change in yourself consciously!

    Brainspotting with David Grand

    A Grateful Thought: The force that has pulled me through

    I won't lie - there were times in the relationship with my husband that felt like hell. I was isolated, actual communication between us was impossible, I didn't have friends in London, and I didn't share what I was going through with anyone - and still I felt like I couldn't just leave - so basically I trapped myself.

    At those times, I remember not having any strength or will of my own to move in any direction. And yet, there was some force that pulled me through - a force that made me take the next step, eat something, take care of myself, reach out, focus on the things that made me feel good. I feel at times that it was only some sort of divine force that pulled me through - you can figure out that I'm more than thankful for that and that I'm here alive to tell the tale ;)

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    Stay well,


    "Why suffer if you don't have to?"

    Alan Cohen

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