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  • What I've been up to: Overview

  • Positive news: Solar Power Research

  • The monthly thought: The Journey

  • A positive recommendation: Last.fm

  • The thanking corner: thinking again and the stillness

    What I've been up to: Overview

    Looks like Dare To Play It Big went on holidays for three months - her creator only went to an art exhibition (see the proof in the pictures).

    Seriously, I do apologize for the little break, but it seems like it was needed. I have been working steadily on The Benefits Of Positive Thinking since I created it in April 2006, and after the last issue of Dare To Play It Big I found myself stepping back and taking an overview of the site. I didn't plan it; it just happened.

    I also felt I could not send you the Dare To Play It Big newsletter if it was not with a full heart and honesty - no point in sending it out just because it's meant to go out on the 17th of each month, but with no spirit behind it.

    The cool thing now is that Dare To Play It Big is back, and I'm bringing you more resources and information to the site - check it regularly, because it keeps on growing! I thank you for holding on and would love to hear from you!

    [Paintings by Russian-born artist Philip Firsov - find out more about his art on his web site or contact him directly at philipfirsov@hotmail.com or on +44(0)7745022062]

    The Positive News: Solar Power Research

    The US government will fund projects to research on solar power through an open application system. The successful projects will have the opportunity to investigate in the field of solar power and bring about the means for our taking better care of our planet.

    See, coming from a sunny country as Spain is, I always wondered why we are not developing more solar power technology...

    Read the full article at United Press International.

    The Monthly Thought: The Journey

    I believe we are all at the point we must be in our journey to awareness. Awareness is no more (and no less) than being present in the moment, realizing our own thoughts and feelings, making wise and peaceful decisions. The main benefit that I find to being aware is that we are less trapped in our own emotions, and in this sense we 'suffer' less.

    You know that becoming aware does not happen overnight. It may start with the feeling that 'there must be something else' to life than working, consuming and watching TV. Or you may read that 'we are all connected' and wonder what that actually means or how it feels.

    There are many paths to awareness and many stages in the process. Positive thinking is simply one of these stages, where you realize that everything has its particular meaning to you according to what you choose to think about it, and you choose to think about things in an optimistic and uplifting way.

    You may dip in other belief systems along your journey, and pick elements here and there that help you become more aware. Some of these systems may be:

  • Zen. Nothing special. Everything is just as it is. Rather than attaching meanings to everything, let's just be with what is.

  • The way of the Tao. There is an eternal and continuous flow of energy. Everything has its opposite, and everything is changing and evolving all the time.

  • Quantum physics (yes, too). At a subatomic level there are no boundaries and everything is connected. A thought about something influences that something.

    Whatever stage of life you are at, you happen to be at the right one for you just now. Everything is well. Follow your heart and do what works for you. Be at peace.

    The Positive Recommendation: Last.fm

    I now work with music on the background more often thanks to Last.fm. Type the artist of your choice in the search box, and choose to listen to that artist's songs or to the radio that plays similar artists non-stop. It's a cool way too of getting to know more artists of a certain type of music.

    The Thanking Corner

    I believe that being grateful for something is one of the most powerful tools to feel better immediately. Here are the two thanking bits of the month:

    Think Thankful! If you think that clearing out your living room is a boring task, think again... As you collect every item, give thanks for the use it gives you: 'Thank you, trousers, for you protect me from the cold', 'Thank you, glasses, for you restore my vision', 'Thank you, cup, for you hold my coffee'.

    You will be surprised at how many things make our lives easier and nicer daily yet we completely overlook them.

    Thankful for... the stillness. There is a place of calm and center within all of us. To access it you need no effort, you just let go of it all. I am thankful for the stillness and peace that the always available center provides me with.

    What are you thankful for? Send me an email trough the Contact Me form and let me know!

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    "Faith in oneself is the best and safest course."


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