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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #078 -- Increasing Flow
May 17, 2015

Increasing Flow

In this issue...

  • The Thought Of The Month: Increasing Flow

  • A Positive Recommendation: Kindness

  • One Grateful Thought: My rainbow maker

    Hi You amazing one!

    I hope you're keeping well and enjoying this time of your life. I am very much enjoying mine in a number of ways, including through my latest creative project: updoing a table. I am painting a mandala on it, which feels a very beautiful way of keeping grounded and focused (see ongoing work in the pic).

    Painting is an activity that forces you to be constantly present, which can become very interesting when you notice for a while a sort of perpetual now happening. It is also a very flowing activity - which is what the issue of this month is about: flow.

    As I told you at the beginning of the year, I have found that living in a non-resistant state most of the time allows for 'miracles' to happen - and for you to obtain whatever you want to experience.

    So far I've shared with you some ideas to live in a non-resistance state: pronoia, which is the belief that life conspires in your favour; kairos, or timing - everything happens at the right time; and space clearing, or how to also let go of resistance at a physical level. Flow exists throughout all of it - throughout all of life.

    Flow, for me, is a sort of sensation. I feel that there is a certain flow of energy in my room after I tidy up; or I feel the flow in a certain interaction with someone. When it feels like things are flowing, it feels good, it feels true.

    Keep reading... and keep flowing ;)

    The Thought Of The Month: Increasing Flow

    Flow is at the base of living in a non-resistant state - or if you want to see it this way, when there is flow there is no resistance. Flow also permeates all of life, which means you can increase flow in your life in many ways and areas: from optimizing the way you do laundry, to allowing thoughts and emotions to come and go as they do, for example.

    Where there is any sort of stuck energy there is no flow, and this stuck energy may be actual physical items (a permanently untidy desk, clutter, unused clothes in your wardrobe) or 'invisible' energy, such as that of thoughts and emotions (limiting beliefs about yourself, keeping stuck in a particular bad-feeling emotion).

    Flow is also about opening up. Your heart may be closed in some way - in giving (including giving to yourself) or in receiving. One of my latest experiments is about increasing the flow of abundance in my life - which for me also means learning to receive without a sense of guilt or of having to give back.

    I take a number of actions daily to notice and increase the flow of abundance in my life. One of this actions includes writing down the things that I receive daily (such as a free coffee, my flatmate cooking for me, the handyman installing my blind for free), and the money that I receive daily, aside from that of my daily job (such as coins that I find, cashback from a loyalty program, the sale of an ebook).

    So far, I've been keeping track of my abundance in this way for 23 days, and I have received either something, or money, or both, in 20 out of those 23 days. Pretty abundant eh? :)

    Flow also feels for me like a kind of 'guidance' about the best possible way of living life - when I listen to my intuition and I follow what feels best for me at that particular time, my life flows better and smoother in whatever the area may be.

    My suggestion for you this month is that you look at flow in several areas of your life. Pick the area that calls you the most. How could you increase the flow in that area of your life? Even better, how could you do it in a fun way?

    For you increasing flow in your life may mean taking up yoga or dancing classes to increase the flexibility and flow in your own body; or switching to a healthier breakfast; or moving the furniture in your room; or loving yourself in some way daily.

    As you even just start paying attention to that sensation of flow in different ways on your everyday life, you will be starting to increase it - and to extend it to other areas of your life as well. And so the wheel of a better-feeling life starts moving faster ;)

    Care to share your experience of increasing flow? Contact me and let me know! :)

    A Positive Recommendation: Kindness

    I quite appreciate the Hay House World Summit lessons that Hay House make available each year. I've been enjoying quite a lot of them lately (now that I have internet again) - make sure to have a look at the main page) as they have more than 20 different authors in each of the series, but as of 17th May there are only 11 days left to listen to them all for free.

    One of the lessons I came across is from Michael J Chase, called "The Power of Understanding: Winning the Battle Between Your Head and Your Heart" - which really is a very interesting and moving teaching about kindness.

    Michael J Chase tells of his own experience of life that made him come to practice kindness more and more often; he runs 24-hour kindness groups, where a group of people spend 24 hours doing kind things for strangers.

    It's a very engaging and inspiring interview - find it at this lesson with Michael J Chase.

    A Grateful Thought: My rainbow maker

    I have a rainbow maker. It's a little box, like a large round watch but thicker, with a small solar panel at the top and a hanging Swarovski crystal. When the sun is out, the solar energy makes the wheels inside the box turn, which makes the crystal rotate and break the light of the sun into many small moving rainbows in my room. I can't quite describe how beautiful it feels to be reading or painting and see little rainbows pass by :)

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    Alan Cohen

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