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In this issue...

  • What I've been up to: Variety

  • Positive news: Recycle more often

  • The monthly thought: 8 ways to feel good

  • A positive recommendation: "Why most affirmations fail" by Jennifer Shepherd

  • The thanking corner: the tight times and Munawara's kind donation

    What I've been up to: Variety

    I've been up to a number of things in this past month...

    Of course, it was Halloween and I went out to meet some friends and then to a house party, just downstairs in my building (in the picture, with a neighbour at that party).

    Besides I have been busy choosing a new flatmate... and it was interesting to see the range of characters and behaviours turning up. Each person with their own mindset and their own story - some of them interesting, some of them funny, some of them odd. Variety!

    On the web site realm, if you're a subscriber of the blog of The Benefits Of Positive Thinking you would have noticed that for the past week or so I haven't created new entries. This is due to a little problem with the system that hosts the web site, which I trust it will be resolved in no time.

    I will be sending you the next issue of this newsletter after my early December holiday break in Seville, and right before Christmas. You and I deserve a break, having worked hard all the year; resting times are coming, my friend.

    The Positive News: Recycle more often

    Browsing the internet I found this web site for the Anne Arundel County in Maryland, US, where they invite us to form part of an initiative to recycle 50% of our waste. The current recycling rate for this county on 34%; by raising it to 50% the residents can make a positive impact in their environment.

    The expanded program allows residents to recycle almost any plastic item except vinyl siding, PVC pipe, paint containers and bottles containing hazardous materials. It also lists a larger number of items that can now be recycled.

    If you don't live in Maryland, that's Ok - you can surely take away ideas to recycle more where you live.

    Read more about the 50/50 challenge at Recyclemoreoften.com.

    The Monthly Thought: 8 ways to feel good

    Ah, if it was up to us... we would wake up in a comfortable bed, with no alarms and no hurries, in our beautiful home just minutes away from a clean solitary beach, on a perfect sunshine day, with all of our time for our disposal, and surrounded by loving people... or something on the line... :-)

    Yet, the reality is probably for you just like it is for me at present: a day job that has nothing to do with your interests, a polluted environment, and little time left for your own enjoyment. Plus, whatever else life throws in: a sick relative, financial problems, health issues, bad news, misunderstandings at work...

    Ok, enough! We could spend our time there. But - there are plenty of ways to make the best of each moment, to feel good and be inspired and inspiring, to be comforting and caring and loving and enjoying ourselves no matter what. Bringing you today: 8 ways to feel good that really work. There we go!

    1. Breath! This is just so simple and yet so overlooked. Breathing deeply and slowly does make you relax and expand your mind, in a way that even the most difficult times feel manageable when you keep on breathing consciously. Next time you feel bad for no apparent reason, check whether your breathing is shallow and short - and change it! In fact, take one day to just focus on your breathing, no matter what you do. You will notice the difference - more than just physical.

    2. Be thankful. This is the quickest way I know to start feeling better: whenever you find yourself looking at what does not work and all the problems you have, turn your attention to the things you DO have and enjoy right now (for instance: you can see; you've got a loving partner; you can sleep every day in a welcoming bed...). Ten things later, I promise, you will start to feel better and your own world will commence to shine.

    3. "I like it": use the "I like it" formula at any moment to experience an uplifting wave of energy. Personally I've had days at the office that leave me drained, to which I've got to add whatever else is going on in my life, and sometimes it can all feel pretty tiring and hopeless. At moments like that I look around me and look for things I like, as small or silly as they may be. "I like this room". "I like the colour of this jumper". "I like that person's smile". "I like the fact the street is clean". Again, after you've spotted a few things you like, you'll start to feel better. Read here more about this positive tip.

    4. Start from zero. Feel like everything is just too much to take? Too many problems in all fronts? Start from zero! Take everything anew. Let go of all pre-conceived ideas and judgements, and look and experience everything as if you had just been born to it. Not only fun to do, but also very eye-opening!

    5. Tune in to music. Music really has a magical power: it makes us feel connected, understood, and alive. I have created a file with the name of my favourite songs, those that uplift me and make me look at the world with kind eyes - and whenever I feel down I play one or a few, and life does feel nicer. This song may not be of your particular taste, but anyhow here's one of my favourites: "Free as a bird", by The Beatles.

    6. Be here, now. I'm surprised by the amount of unnecessary strain that we put on ourselves when we let our minds run with worries and potential problems of the future. Real or not, those worries do not belong to the present. The present happens to be a very comfortable, "homy" place, where you may be making a cup of coffee or chatting to a friend - do not let worries about what has not been yet spoil your present. In case you have difficulties coming back to the present, here is a tip that can help you.

    7. Laugh and smile. You think this is silly? Well, it works! If you feel like it's all too much and too serious, go on to YouTube and check out a funny video or two, let yourself relax and laugh for a few minutes... To get you started: Eddie Izzard talking about the Death Star canteen. It makes me laugh every time!

    8. Let it all go. You know what, you don't have to control it all. In fact, the more you just let everything develop as it does, and the less you insist on being "in control", the easiest life goes for you. Because when you're not obsessed by controlling what happens, your mind is more alert and allows you to see the opportunities that open up for you at every second. Then, you can just take them and again let it all follow its own course. You won't lose or live on the edge of danger: you will only find more relaxation and peace.

    Use these ways to feel good any time - let me know how you get on, I'll be very happy to hear how they help you!

    The Positive Recommendation: "Why most affirmations fail" by Jennifer Shepherd

    I recently came across this ebook on affirmations and - Wow! This is the ebook to build successful affirmations: "Why most affirmations fail".

    If you used affirmations in the past with apparently no results, you may have made one of the nine frequent mistakes the author outlines. Not to worry, Jennifer Shepherd gives you all the keys you need to make affirmations work. The author comes from a background of poverty and a heart attack, and she used affirmations successfully to get to where she is - enjoying an awesome life.

    In this ebook you will discover the importance of feeling you deserve what you affirm, precise instructions for money affirmations, how positive you have to be for affirmations to work, and many more juicy bits of information about affirmations that nobody else will tell you.

    This ebook is more than worth its price. Check the review of "Why most affirmations fail".

    The Thanking Corner

    I believe that being grateful for something is one of the most powerful tools to feel better immediately. Here are the two thanking bits of the month:

    Thankful for... the tight times. I am lucky enough to always have food, shelter and clothing; however some times have been more abundant than others. I am grateful for the tight times, for they make me appreciate the abundant times much better.

    Thankful for... Munawara's donation for "Branches". This beautiful lady from Kuwait made my day when she decided to make a donation in exchange for my art piece "Branches" (find a picture of it here). At the time of writing, "Branches" is travelling her way; thank you, Munawara!

    What are you thankful for? Send me an email trough the Contact Me form and let me know!

    Thank you for reading this issue of Dare To Play It Big, the free positive thinking newsletter of The Benefits Of Positive Thinking.

    Care to send me your thoughts about this issue's topics? Email me and let me know!

    If you enjoyed this newsletter, please pass it along to your friends, family and colleagues, or send them to the Dare To Play It Big sign up page. I thank you in advance.

    Stay well,


    "You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was."

    -Abraham Lincoln

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