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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #071 -- Creating More Space
November 17, 2013

Creating More Space

In this issue...

  • What I've been up to: Space Clearing

  • The monthly thought: Creating More Space

  • The positive recommendation: Denise Linn On Decluttering

  • The thanking corner: mobile music and cute storing boxes

    What I've been up to: Space Clearing

    Hello and welcome!

    If you've written to me lately and I haven't replied yet, then please bear with me... I'm navigating a physical process of clearing stuff, and things like messages and emails have tended to largely fall behind ;)

    The process of clearing stuff came of its own accord (read further in the Thought of the Month), but throughout it I have so far come to see many reasons why it's taking place - the main one being to allow for novelty in my life.

    Ultimately, in a practical way, I will have much more space, much less unnecessary things, and I will be able to put my attention on things that I want to develop, like painting or playing music - under a sense of order.

    At a soul level, it feels as if I'm releasing old stuff and letting novelty come in more and more often. This feels very refreshing.

    If you're at a spot of wanting novelty in your life or you're too tired of having the same sort of scenario running in your life, this month's newsletter is perfect for you. Try space clearing yourself - I believe that you will feel the difference :)

    The Monthly Thought: Creating More Space

    During the past few months I've been involved in a huge process of clearance. This is the first time in my life that I do such a thing.

    The context: after I went to Stonehenge, on 22 August this year, I started to feel like a pull of energy towards making more space and clarity in my life, in a very physical way. But it was only after I came back from Seville on 15 October that I started taking action.

    I was initially *just* going to clear and renovate my entire wardrobe (!!). But somehow that didn't feel enough.

    I started to read Denise Linn's book Sacred Space, and I also came across a re-broadcast of her radio show on space clearing (she gives a wonderful technique to declutter: take any item, and ask yourself 'Do I use it? Do I love it?' In this way you will know easily what to let go of).

    At some point I thought... 'That's it, I'll undertake a process of clearance, going through each and all of my things'.

    *Doing this is taking me some time* :)

    Not surprisingly, I have been feeling more clarity and strength, a sense of being in a better-defined beautiful path. As I grab a garment, I remember the time when I wore it most often, I feel the energy of that time (stress? discovery? boredom?), I "absorb" the lessons I learned, and I thank the garment. I then put it on the 'for charity' pile.

    It is well known that symbols have a strong power. Symbols are also used in space clearing ceremonies, and as you can see I am using the process of letting go of stuff as a symbol or 'mark' to consciously incorporate lessons learned and to move forward into a clearer space.

    The reason I'm telling you all this is to encourage you to do some clearing of your stuff if you feel constricted in any area of your life. Clearing out stuff is a way of physically releasing stuck energy, which is why it actually feels so good.

    Clearing out and letting go of stuff is also very fun. It's like taking a little journey through a pile of things, each bringing you its own particular emanation. I use incense, candles and soothing music to set up a peaceful, relaxed scene.

    I was reminded by a friend that my process of clearing stuff is like the trees now in Autumn, letting go of the leaves that they don't need now. My question for you to ponder and use as a starter is, 'What do I not need any more?'

    Happy quest! ;)

    The Positive Recommendation: Denise Linn On Decluttering

    Following on the month's theme of space clearing and letting go of things, here's the link to Denise Linn's radio show on space clearing that I mentioned earlier:

    Clutter Clearing for the Soul: Clear Your Clutter and Dramatically Empower Your Life

    I listened to some of Denise's radio shows a few years ago, but it was only when I read her book How My Death Saved My Life that I actually 'discovered' her (she's also got an amazing personal story, this book is well worth reading).

    I very much enjoy her material and the useful and practical techniques she gives on the topic of space clearing. Besides, her style is lively and engaging - it feels like you're stepping into magical territory.

    This radio show is perfect material to have playing in the background while you declutter one drawer... ;) Enjoy!

    The Thanking Corner

    I believe that being grateful for something is one of the most powerful tools to feel better immediately. Here are the two thanking bits of the month:

    Thankful for... mobile music! I am no gadget-addicted person: only a couple of weeks ago I actually started to listen to music on my mobile phone. Yeah, I know, everybody does it all the time - but it's a re-discovery for me - the walkman times, back in the 90s, was when I last walked about with my own music on.

    And yet if you stop for a moment, isn't it marvellous? There you are, wherever in the world, and you have a little magical device that can reproduce for you pretty much whatever music you want (and do a bunch of other very impressive things). This is quite amazing?! :)

    Thankful for... cute storing boxes. I have made many changes in my studio through the clearing process, and I know that there are more to come. As I sort through stuff, I decide where to store what I want to keep - and cute storing boxes have come to be a very handy, nicely decorative useful thing. Thankful! :)

    What are you thankful for? Share your gratitude on this page and read what others are thankful for!

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    "There are times to let things happen, and times to make things happen. Now is that time. You will either make things happen, watch what happens, or wonder what happened."

    -Dan Millman

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