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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #083 -- Following Your Bliss
October 18, 2015

Following Your Bliss

In this issue...

  • The Thought Of The Month: Following Your Bliss

  • A Positive Recommendation: Best Photo of the Day

  • One Grateful Thought: Partners in music

    Hello Sunshine! :)

    I hope you've been well! Here in the UK we come into Autumn and the colours of the leaves on the trees are really something deserving of admiration... I have been spending time on things that please me, and talking a day out in a nearby forest in good company has been one of them! :)

    It's interesting to observe that sometimes we go through life trying to get somewhere, trying to achieve something or other - whether getting 'the' job, or 'the' relationship, or even enlightment... chasing some goal that is never reached.

    But life is now. Yes, it's good to keep a long-term vision of your life, heading for some specific place, which provides a sense of direction; and at the same time I find that it's important to notice that life is only happening in this present moment and to experience it consciously.

    One way of living consciously in the present moment is to dedicate time to activities that please you, such as hobbies, spending time with other people, playing with pets - or even better, enjoying the actual doing of the steps that will take you where you want to be.

    Find out in the Thought of the Month how it's good at all levels that you spend time doing things that make you feel good ;)

    Until next time, keep Autumny-well! :)

    The Thought Of The Month: Following Your Bliss

    You know when you wake up to one of those days when life seems to just flow smoothly on its own... when the thing you needed (an electrician, a particular notebook, a contact for something else) seems to just land on your lap with no effort on your side...

    I would like you to stop for a moment and bring back that feeling of easiness now. That's living in non-resistance mode for you ;)

    As you know, this year's newsletters revolve around the theme of non-resistance - and around the idea that the more you accept life as it comes, with as less resistance to it as possible, the more it flows the way that you want it to flow. With no effort on your side!

    A fun way of cultivating non-resistance in your life is to spend your time doing activities that please you (as for those things that you have to do that may not please you as much, try to make the best of them - try to find your own unique way to deal with them in a way that makes you feel the best possible).

    When you spend time doing things that please you, by definition you feel good and you have let go of resistance at that point. The more time you spend on whatever please you, the more you 'practice' the feeling, so to speak: you get used to the feeling of 'life flowing smoothly in the way you like it'.

    In a way this could be seen as taking Joseph Campbell's idea of following one's passion to a practical, easy way. There is an internal satisfaction and exploration/finding of oneself that arises from spending time in one's own endeavours.

    At the same time, spending time on things that please you is a way of trusting life. Trusting that even if what you spend time on has no visible or immediate effects, it's the best activity you could be doing at that given time, and has more positive consequences that you could possible measure.

    What would you spend your time on this coming month? Email me back and share! :)

    A Positive Recommendation: Best Photo of the Day

    A great way to start your day with a flowing attitude is to choose to put your attention on something uplifting, even if for just a few minutes. I spend a few moments thinking about things in my day that I look forward to, or appreciating what I already have - like having slept on a comfortable bed.

    Here's something I came across recently that comes handy as a daily dose of inspiration: National Geographic's Best Photo of the Day Best Photo of the Day.

    From dreamy, romantic landscapes to animal life, some of the pictures that you will find are breathtaking. Not to mention that if you're into photography or painting, for example, they're also great as a source of inspiration for your own art!

    A Grateful Thought: Partners in music

    One of the things I've been spending my time on lately is to create music jams with a friend. We get together for an afternoon and play guitar, keyboard, clarinet, hand drums... I appreciate having a friend with whom I can spend time making music! :)

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    "Life gives all to all, but we receive what we are willing to let in."

    Alan Cohen

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