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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #082 -- Everything Is Perfect
September 17, 2015

Everything Is Perfect

In this issue...

  • The Thought Of The Month: Everything Is Perfect

  • A Positive Recommendation: Meditation for the 7 chakras

  • One Grateful Thought: Reading before bed time

    Hello Gorgeous You! :)

    I hope you keep finding yourself growing and enjoying life - and reaching your goals here and there. Because remember, the fun is in living a joyful life, not in necessarily getting somewhere ;)

    Because the fun is in the journey, and following a need to keep exploring my creativity, I've started going to an art meetup. This is a group of people who get together once a week and create their art - a woman explored different materials like crayons on watercolour; another woman drew with black pens; another one copied a portrait...

    And so I have found that I can actually draw quite well, if I apply myself to it. But my natural inclination is to just use colours and patterns and shapes - it might appear simplistic but it's what I like doing the most.

    Here you have a little preview of the latest thing I'm working on - a small plate. It's coming along quite nicely and I find it quite cute :)

    Have you done anything in the past month to explore your natural inclinations - being that drawing, painting, gardening, playing music...? If not, consider taking at least one afternoon this month to do something new, following your passion. Find yourself anew in doing something new.

    Keep living, keep exploring, keep being your beautiful you ;)

    The Thought Of The Month: Everything Is Perfect

    Following the theme of this year's Dare To Play It Big on releasing resistance, here's an idea that can make you release all resistance immediately: *Everything is perfect*.

    I like entertaining this thought. And the more I stop to think about it, the more I feel it in actuality.

    I think that there are many reasons why it's rare that we feel that everything is perfect: from just normal daily life like the traffic being slow to observing tragedy taking place in your own life or in the life of people you know...

    But I would argue that at the deepest level, life is perfect just as it is, warts and all. This doesn't prevent us to make things better where we can, for instance helping someone in need; but the thought that everything is perfect can help you have a broader and more peaceful experience of life.

    For a start, it's our own idea of what life should be like that makes anything not like that appear imperfect and out of place. But who is to say how life *should* be?

    To follow, if you stepped out and saw your life so far from a larger perspective, as a whole unit, and not just this moment or these past few years, you can observe a certain progression and growth.

    You can see how what you found to be a terrible disappointment at one point made you go through a series of feelings that made you stronger, and a few years later the whole episode lost heaviness, and you were even glad that it happened because something better took place as a consequence.

    Thus what we consider to be 'perfect' may change at different times, depending on the point of view we have, which at the same time depends on a number of factors, including how long and how much you've lived (i.e. how much exposure you've had to a variety of events that allow you to have a more balanced point of view).

    Now let's say that for some time you've been doing your work and talking to yourself in a loving way, enjoying most of the moments of your days, and even meditating or doing affirmations or reading some book that contains positive messages, so overall you feel good most of the time.

    Let's say that you start to then see the magic of thought-emotion-manifestation in action. You start to see that the more you let go of worry and the more you stay in feelings of joy/hope/contentment/love, the easier life gets, and the quicker that which you invest your thought and emotion on takes place.

    At those times specially it's easy to see the perfection and beauty of life - and not just because life is rosier, but because your journey there, cultivating positive feelings, has increased your understanding of life. You can then see that what feels bad exists in direct proportion to what feels good, and how both of these types of feeling are necessary for the evolution of life and for your own personal growth.

    You also cannot have any knowledge of heavy if you don't know light. You could say that this strange thing we're experiencing as life is very ingeniously devised, in that it's a whole and single thing, yet everything within it has a duality to it. Come to think about it, I don't know of anything more perfect than life as it is :)

    My proposal to you this month: every day here and there, ponder the thought that everything is perfect. Allow yourself to go pass the thoughts that point at misfortune and how things could be better, and ponder how everything is perfect just as it is.

    Aside from an instant feeling of peace, you might just come across new and exciting thought territory ;)

    A Positive Recommendation: Meditation for the 7 chakras

    My recommendation to you this month is this beautiful and soothing soundtrack, called Meditation for the 7 chakras.

    This track is 1h 11min long, and it's divided in 7 mini tracks, one for each of the body chakras (chakras are energy points in the subtle body; each of the chakras relates to an aspect of your life, among other things).

    You can use the track for the purposes intended - meditation on each of the chakras - or just have it on as background music. Because of the different sounds used, I find this particular soundtrack especially calming and peaceful, and I tend to have it in the background when I write - like now :)

    Have a listen! Meditation for the 7 chakras

    A Grateful Thought: Reading before bed time

    One of my favourite times of the day is just before I go to sleep, and I switch the main light off, leaving only the light of the small lamp on a bookshelf on. I place a large cushion against the wall on the side of my bed and read, next to the light and under the cozy duvet.

    I absolutely love that feeling of coziness and relax, and I appreciate that I am lucky to have a beautiful place to come back to and a comfortable bed to rest on. I am wealthy enough to have this corner of beautiful feelings every day :)

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    "In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind, there are few."

    Suzuki Roshi

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