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Dare To Play It Big, Issue #073 -- Back in 2015!
January 01, 2015

Dare To Play It Big is back!!

Dare To Play It Big is back!! :)

Happy New Year!!! Hope you've made a grand entrance into 2015 ;)

2014 was a very interesting year for me, with many things changing very quickly. In case you didn't notice, I took the year off writing this newsletter...

...but Dare To Play It Big is back now :)

See, I've taken time to re-group, re-center, re-think how I want to move forward in life and what sort of things I want to do in my time, following my calling. Also, I've revamped my website a bit - have a look at The Benefits Of Positive Thinking ;)

My life developed magically in 2014, with no effort from my side... and I think I have found what sort of internal change needs to happen to continuously experience life flowing in a magical way - it's non-resistance - and it does feel different inside my body.

So I start 2015 with an idea to practice non-resistance on my way to achieving goals. And I plan to write about it - maybe publish another ebook... :)

For now, I want to ask you...

...What would you like to read about in this newsletter?

Please send me a quick email and let me know. Dare To Play It Big will be back on January 17 with content of *your* choice! :)

I hope you experience a most magical January. Till next issue, stay well! :)


"It's all what you make of it."

Alan Cohen

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