...So How Did A Girl With No Web Experience Create A Site Like This?

The SBI way

When I was learning so much about positive thinking and going on constantly about it, my partner at the time suggested I created a web site about positive thinking using Site Build It! (SBI).

The thing is, I knew nothing about setting up a web site, let alone manage it or get visitors to it, and I did not have any particular interest in learning all about it just to publish my thoughts and findings.

'Site Build It', my partner explained, 'tells you exactly how to create a web site; it is extremely easy to use, and you don't need to learn any tech jargon. AND, you may even be able to replace your job income'.

Huh? Replace my job income?

Now I was interested.

My partner showed me videos from many people who had set up a web site with Site Build It! and were earning so much money with it that they had been able to quit their jobs, live freely where they wanted, and earn a living doing something they actually enjoyed.

Hey! That sounded good!

I downloaded the free Site Build It! manual, "Make Your Content Presell", which explains exactly how to write content for a web site in order to attract targeted visitors.

Now that was a web site provider that ACTUALLY explained how to create a web site - and how to make money with it on top! Besides, Site Build It! offered support through the process. So I chose to give it a go and purchased SBI.

The journey of The Benefits Of Positive Thinking started

After a bit of thinking and writing I put up the home page on April 2006.

I followed the instructions from the guide step by step, and soon I was uploading pages, changing pictures and writing a blog - and I was amazed at how easy it all was!

I never had to sit and study these things, yet just by doing what the guide says I had learned it all naturally!

The first person that contacted me through the Contact Me form was like a gift: someone out there had read what I had written and had been inspired enough to contact me! I ab-so-lu-te-ly loved it!

My web site was being found and liked!

Little by little, more people all over the world started to send me emails, saying how this or that piece of advice actually helped them, how they enjoyed reading the site... that was a reward in itself.

Through this web site I have met wonderful people all over the world, and some of them have actually become an important part of my life.

I also started to earn some spare cash through some of the products I promote on the site (which I always test, by the way). So the web site soon started to pay for itself - how cool was that!

I keep on adding more pages regularly as I read new books and find new techniques and useful information about positive thinking; I maintain the blog and the monthly newsletter, and keep contact with every single one of the readers who gets in touch.

I'm happy that what I can say about my experiences to know oneself and feel good in life can help somebody else.

I wouldn't have been able to build a web site had not been for SBI.

I mean, English is not my first language, and I had no idea of how to create a web site, let alone how to make money with it.

Thanks to following the steps that SBI gives, my web site ranks high on the search engines and thus there are many people all over the world who visit it. How many sites and blogs exist but are never found because they don't rank high in Google or in MSN or Yahoo searches!

Besides, I make some money on the side regularly and I empower and give value to others with what I write about. What else can I ask for? :-)

All of that is possible with SBI. By the way, if I can do it...

You can do it too!

You too can turn your knowledge into income - if I have done it, you can do it too.

SBI makes it easy to understand how a successful web site works and gives you all that you need - from the entire plan in the Action Guide to create your web site business to all the necessary tools.

Some of the features that Site Build It! offers include ideas to create content, resources for earning money through the site, a program for exchanging links with other web sites, and extended friendly forums where you can find all the information and help you need from fellow SBI web site owners.

SBI allows you to set up a web site and make money writing about almost anything you can think of. Anything? Yes! From birthday parties to scrapbooking to keeping a flat stomach to travel and many other topics in between... Find out more about Site Build It!

Curious about how YOU can benefit from using SBI?

May this be the beginning of your road to freedom.

I wish that you enjoy reading The Benefits Of Positive Thinking and that you go away today having found something in it that will help you live a more fulfilling life.

Infinite possibilities open up in our lives when we discover the power of thought.

Thank you for visiting The Benefits Of Positive Thinking and please, do get in touch! I love knowing about my readers.

Have a brilliant day!


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