'A Child Of Royalty' By Diana Ketterman

'A child of royalty' is the moving true story of Diana Ketterman's life - a life marked with difficulties from early childhood.

I read this book from cover to cover - I cried with the difficulties told, I rejoiced in Diana's achievements, and I shared her feelings and her trying to make sense of her reality through the engaging story.

This is a very positive book in that it shows you how it's possible to make it out of whichever circumstances you have, and build a life of success for yourself, while also giving out to others. You can truly become a child of royalty.

This book touches on many interesting topics, and no doubt you will identify yourself with some of them:

  • The issue of mental illness and how it affects a person's life and those around them

  • Being confronted with situations where you have to take important decisions with no support 

  • Feeling guilty and feeling that 'you should have know better'

  • Letting go

  • Forgiving

  • Creating real happiness by sharing simple, beautiful moments with those you love

  • Achieving what you set yourself to do

Diana's story is of one hardships, but ultimately it's also a story of empowerment. This book is truly inspiring - it can really make you feel the power of a force greater than you, that moves your life.

On mental health

The topic of mental health is a sensitive and still painful one. We know more nowadays about mental health, but even though there are drugs and therapies available, we have not as a society yet found an ultimate cure.

For anyone who has lived with someone with mental illness, or has experienced it closely, mental illness can have a devastating effect. It can make the sufferer erratic, and also lonely - and it can impact heavily on the lives of those around them.

Diana's journey provides an insight into mental illness and the stigma associated with it. I myself work from time to time with people with mental illness, and I think it's important to take the stigma away and bring in understanding.

'A child of royalty': a treasure

I liked many aspects of 'A child of royalty' - one of them being that it makes you come back to being human. 

As you read through Diana's journey, you get to feel her experiences, and there is an element of sharing at the deepest level what it means to be human.

This is a gem of a book, who will leave you feeling stronger and inspired to go out there and create what you want.

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"I had a new life now, and I was leading the way as we were learning how to medicate ourselves through the substitution of activities and push the hurts away as we looked for ways we could become succesful at things we could control."

Diana Ketterman

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