A letter from me to myself.

by Munawara
(Lahore, Pakistan)

My closest friend,

I know you for as long as I can recall and today I am taking the liberty of writing this letter to you as I hope it will bring happiness and ease for both of us.

My friend, in my view, you are not responding to the world around you but to the images in your brain. You project those images on the people and situations around you and start fighting with them. Sadly, you are a prisoner of your own mind. You are fighting with the projections of the ghosts in your brain and that's why your fight never ends, you always have enemies and you always have painful situations in your experience. And trust me my friend, you are not alone, unfortunately, many of us do this but to a variable extent.

Perhaps, going into your mind, meeting those ghosts, sitting with them, listening to them, loving them and then making peace with them can change all the reality for you. You would be able to see colors and beauty, flowers and sky, peace and contentment which is every where, every where.

With lots and lots of love,
Your sincere friend.

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Mar 31, 2011
Wonderful Insight
by: Anonymous

How true. I just left the page open and keep on reading it.

So wonderfully written about how to treat ourself. Just internalizing it, so that i can keep remembering it always.

Thanks for this Wonderful Insight.

Keep writing in this lines, so as to enable others on thinking inside.

Nov 08, 2010
by: JSIMON88

True. We can understand that we have to concentrate on positive things but for a lot of us, we have things inside us, our should in the way. We have to make peace with it to truly be in line with our understanding and therefore be able to welcome what we really want and experience it.

Aug 16, 2010
by: riya

hi munawara i like the way you explain yourself after analysis your own thoughts. i think it will help others too to make them think deeply about them self that in actual life what or who they are and what they want from their life.

May 30, 2010
by: Munawara

Conquering the world is the life’s goal for many but we have a universe inside us to see, explore and conquer :)
Thanks Cris and Deb for these lovely and soul lifting comments :)

May 27, 2010
Brain Ghosts
by: Blissmonger

Beautiful letter, Munawara. The shift in your awareness of who you really are that it represents makes me smile :-)

Keep going in that direction that calls you.


May 27, 2010
How beautiful and caring
by: Cristina

Munawara, I love the tone of the letter - so caring and understanding.

Besides, what you say is just so true and applicable to all of us - for the most part we don't interact with the actual world, but with the images of the world that we make up in our minds.

I know because I've been there - you really *know* that you're making up the images, but you cannot help believing them. One mantra that I found through Deb's "Resistance Toys" ebook was "It's not true" - something I used for quite a while, and that helped me dispel the ghosts.

Beautiful contribution - thanks very much!!

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