Create Your Own Affirmation To Find Love

An affirmation to find love straight from the heart

Every human being is worth of love and receives love.

That includes you ;)

However, to attract into your life the love you want, you first must love yourself.

You must be able to like the person you are when you are alone, and enjoy being with yourself.

The moment I started to take time to be with myself I found that I had in myself my best lover and my best friend. As I started to know myself better, I also started to form a clearer picture of the type of man that I wanted to make my life with.

Over time you will find that actually, love is already inside you. I find that life so far seems to be a journey of unveiling the truth, which is the essence of life: Love is all there is.

But if you've just started in the journey of loving yourself, then take it step by step with the help of the affirmations below:

I love myself

I enjoy being with myself

I am a creative person

I radiate love

I appreciate all that surrounds me

I listen with compassion

I am thankful for every day of my life

I am thankful for all the challenges life has brought me

Some DIY!

You could create your affirmation to find love by adapting the following ones:

I am thankful for another day of love

I am loving

I feel loved and appreciated

I attract loving people to my life

I make people around me feel loved

My relationships with everybody are harmonious

I can appreciate every person for who they are

I enjoy the time I spend with others

I make people around me feel comfortable and relaxed

Other tools

Discover more information to put yourself in the perfect position to receive love with these tools...

...and welcome love now! ;) 

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

Dr. Seuss

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