Affirmations For Success

Use these affirmations for success to remain open to a higher state of being

For some people, being successful may mean becoming rich, or famous, or recognized in some way.

I have found that while success may bring all that, there is a first type of success which is much more important and which happens in everyday life.

In this sense, for me being successful means being fully in the here and now, in a state of internal peace and love, from which I'm able to give my best to life and to others, regardless external circumstances.

Regardless the meaning of success to you, the very first step is building the belief in success. 

See, if you pay attention you will notice that the endless chatter of the mind tends to include a negative stream of thoughts - all those thoughts that bring you down or make you feel less than fine and at peace.

I find that we cannot possibly be successful in daily life when we jump into the negative stream of thoughts and become engulfed in them. We are then bound to spend time in being anxious, worrying, or angry, for example.

However, if you just notice the thoughts being there and don't buy into them then you've integrated their existence - hey, here's success for you ;)

I have designed the affirmations for success below to help you become successful in daily life.

Feel free to tweak them to make them suit your particular point of view on what it means to be successful for you.

Affirmations for success

Internal peace is always available to me

It is easy for me to be fully present

I choose to be at ease under all circumstances

I feel more successful every day

Focusing on my breath allows me to relax whenever, wherever

It is my choice to make the best of any moment

I am eternal love

I am always expanding beyond my own limits

I choose to be loving towards what is

I accept life as it seems to flow

I contribute to everybody's well-being by being grounded in my own well-being

I am always aware of the eternal well of energy inside myself

I am the creator of my own experience

I choose to share my peace with whomever I meet

I feel secure in the knowledge that all I need is already within myself

My own strength to live my life with awareness is an inspiration to others

I choose to believe that there is an eternal connection to everything and everybody 

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other."

Abraham Lincoln

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