Affirmations For The Work Place

Grab any of these affirmations for the work place to keep your positive state of mind at work

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Ah, work... throughout my work life I have held jobs that weren't so much of my liking, but at those times having money to live was more important than working on something I liked.

I'm not alone in having chosen a job for its good pay and conditions rather than based on my actual liking for the job.

You may be fortunate enough to work on something you like, and thus keeping a positive attitude at work may not be a problem for you.

However, sometimes the little daily issues at work can become a larger problem. For instance, I had to deal with a situation of conflict with my boss which lasted nearly three years, and which made me feel depressed and resentful (you can find how I made my way out of it in my handbook 'From Conflict To Calm'). I used affirmations for the work place to help me on my journey.

It is true that you could escape your work situation altogether by switching to another job. Yet, another job is just that - another job, and it might develop its own problems.

In my experience, it is much better to take the difficult circumstances at work as an opportunity to develop patience, resilience, and a positive attitude. You can use the affirmations below to help you in this path.

Affirmations for the work place

It is easy for me to keep a positive attitude at my job

I always have at my disposal all the patience I need

I am peaceful with whatever happens at work

I now choose to look at the positive aspects that my job has

I communicate easily with everyone

I add positive value to the work I produce

It is fun for me to complete my tasks on time

I am grateful for the job I have and all the possibilities it gives me

I contribute positively to the environment at work

I appreciate all facilities I have at my work place

I know exactly how to plan and execute my work

Everyone at my work place benefits from my positive attitude

I release all my negative thoughts about my current job

It is a joy for me to help others at work

Every day I strive to do a good job

I appreciate all that I have learned through my job

I have the power to bring in a positive attitude at work daily

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See you on the other side ;-) 

"You only do good work when you're taking risks and pushing yourself."

Sally Hawkins

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