Affirmations For Women

Why affirmations for women?

As a woman, I know that being a woman in a first world country in the 21st century is not easy sometimes. Just to name a few things - and bear in mind that though the cultural tendencies are changing, for the majority there is still a lack of balance in some areas:

  • If we are in an heterosexual monogamous relationship, we tend to take on more responsibilities than our man - things like cleaning, cooking, shopping for food: things that take our time and energy daily.

  • If we want to "make it" in the world we live in today, we also have to be hardworking and even "tough" at our job or our business.

  • At the same time, as women we are expected to be feminine, delicate, soothing, caring, sensitive and beautiful.

  • You may also have kids - and again even though things are changing, women are the ones who still dedicate more time to bringing up children.

  • Combine all of the above with the regular visit of the monthly cycle and its physical and emotional pain - when you get into deep wells of sadness and all you may feel like doing is not doing anything at all.

What a challenge!

I feel a lot of respect and admiration for we women who keep on keeping on, who take all that life throws at us and nevertheless we keep on insisting in creating peace and love in our lives.

For most women, an important aspect of life as a woman is to feel and be beautiful. Every day we spend an important amount of time in taking care of our appearance: make-up, clothes, ornaments...

We may even diet or exercise in order to look better. You know the uplifting feelings you get when you know you look beautiful!

We also want to feel peace and love - that is, that we've got people to love and people who love us, and that all is well around us.

Taking into account all this, I have created these affirmations for women to help us women to feel good, and as a way of reassurance - we are doing great!

I wish the affirmations below make you feel fantastic. You gorgeous! :-)

Affirmations for women

I feel safe and protected

Life supports me fully

I am always loved

I can handle anything that comes into my life

I deserve to be respected

I express my femininity with grace and ease

I am beautiful

I am at peace in my own body

I release my limiting beliefs about myself

I relish in the experience of life

I transmit harmony to everyone I come in contact with

I am whole and complete

It is easy for me to assert myself

I move easily with the flow of life

I am a magnet for love

I choose to experience kindness and compassion

I am thankful for being a woman

"For what is done or learned by one class of women becomes, by virtue of their common womanhood, the property of all women."

Elizabeth Blackwell

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