ATTEEENNNNNNTIOOOON!!!!!!!! A Grandmother Dream...

by Jual
(Gisborne, New Zealand)

Hi Cristina,

I have been trying to do the 'gratitude thing', but doubt kept creeping into my mind.

I could feel myself slipping back into my old worldly ways. (Sad, grumpy for no reason, negative thoughts and so on).

Till I had this dream the other night (Tues 17/10): it was about my grandmother who passed away over 20yrs ago (she played a major role in my upbringing).

In my dream she is tending to a garden, and the sky had a multitude of colors in it, like someone grabbed the rainbow and speared it across the sky and I am excited to see her and I just can't wait to reach her.

When I finally do reach her, she stops me before I can touch her. I am at arms length away from her and she is a bit disappointed with me, she screams at me

I ask her 'to what'? But she is angry with me and she keeps yelling at me 'PAY ATTENTION! PAY ATTENTION! PAY ATTENTION!' and as my dream faded I could still hear her saying those words.

Now when I awoke, my dream was very clear but I didn't know what she meant. Did she mean pay attention to what she was doing in a garden? What she was saying? What was happening around her and I at the time?
Then yesterday lunch time (Wed 18/10) it hit me like a ton of bricks. I got thinking about the gratitude thing and it ended like this...

Pay attention or focus on what you want, not what you don't want.
Pay attention or focus on what you have.
Pay attention or focus on what you like.
Pay attention or focus on what feels good.
Pay attention or focus on the solution.
Pay attention or focus on the joy.
Pay attention or focus on the abundance.
Pay attention or focus on why it WILL happen.
Pay attention or focus on having it all.
Pay attention or focus on where you're going.

Oops! honestly I really didn't do this or did I know systematically.

I am so thankful for my grandmother's dream, now I know what she meant... Ha! and here I was trying to figure out if I had to watch her tend her garden. No, she wanted me to tend to my own garden, in my mind.

Even from the grave and dreams, The Universe works in mysterious ways... If that was The Universe's way of waking me up to gratitude... So be it...

Thank you so much I just had to share this, its like a miracle or a gift from unexpected coincidence.

From Jual

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Dec 06, 2009
Answering Steves Question
by: Jual (N.Z)

No Steve,
Answering Steves question

No what I'm really saying is pay attention to your positive THOUGHTS and focus only on those.
Bugger the NEGATIVE thoughts (which I sometimes do, because I forget, but each day I feel myself getting better). Gratitude will just natrually come.
Its really up to you if you want to pay attention to your gratitude only, but, what I'm really saying is pay attention to your positive thoughts.
Hope that helped a bit and while we are on that subject Steve thank you much for your questions they really make me think.
Hope that helped a bit.

Nov 20, 2009
by: Cristina

Lol Jual, yes not only you but all of us have been given a new topic or project to complete... the way we each go about it may differ, but I believe in the end we're all searching for stable happiness, regardless the circumstances, and for making the world a better place for us all.

It is my experience that negative thoughts and feelings come time and time again. What I have found though, is that we can either be trapped by them and go down straight into our personal hell of suffering, or we can observe what is without getting entangled in any mess.

Observing our thoughts creates, little by little, a sort of detachment from oneself which allows for a space of peace which wasn't there before.

Don't forget to tell yourself that you're doing fantastic. When one embarks in this personal journey is easy to feel like one is not doing good enough - and because it's an internal journey it's not likely that anybody would come up to you and say, "Hey you know, you're doing great". So tell yourself, cause you are truly doing great :-)

Loads of love to you, and thank you for sharing these bits of your life. I appreciate you doing that :-)

Nov 19, 2009
Pay attention to the good
by: Anonymous

Hi Steve,

Just replying your question, and basically yeah!
And pay attention to your thoughts, I suppose.

Like I say, I am not use to this 'gratitude' thing, and everyday I learn something new and still I forget to give gratitude or thanks for those small but precious gifts! ( Oh thank you for your site Christina, I love it)!

Its like reading a book. If the first two chapters are dumb and boring and you can't follow the story line, well you probably put it down and swap it for a more interesting one. Well my thoughts were a bit like that, dumb and boring, (cause I started slipping back into my old ways, without me realizing it till it was to late!)

And you know a few days before that,I had a kind of a mind flash but it was just a couple of questions, about why do I keep thinking bad thoughts and seem to be doing the same old boring thing over and over again ?
And I don't know maybe the Universe answered my question by me having my dream about my grandmother.

And it never ever crossed my mind about 'paying attention to my thoughts', maybe it did, but it never sunk into my brain properly, till I had my dream...

So from now on (just to self help myself to, cause Christina and people like her are helping spiritually, and emotionally I want to meet them half way).
You see this is like a new project for me and it maybe easy for some but its a challenge for me.
Its like I've been given a new topic to complete and by god is my witness I will complete this.

So yeah, be grateful for all the good things that come into our lives, and pay attention to our good thoughts and not the bad thoughts and give thanks for them.


Nov 19, 2009
Attention - of course! :-)
by: Cristina

Jual, what an amazing way to receive the message that all we have to do is to pay attention to this moment, and choose our way to look at life - that's in sum what it comes down to, for me...

Simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing! :-)

Nov 19, 2009
Thanks for sharing this...
by: Steve

So what you're really saying is...

Pay attention to your gratitude!



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