Be the miracle, the answer, the materialization of someone's ask.

by L.J. Salazar
(Kirkland, WA, USA)

Like everybody else, I'm in this journey of discovery and learning. Most days I think I "get it" and I am on my path to perfect visualization and manifestation, other days I'm struggling with a broken connection with the universe.

On those days I have found that trying to change from a negative pattern to a positive one is hard work, because our mind/ego is busy playing games. So I decided to "be the miracle" for someone else on those days. Nothing makes me feel better than the smile of gratitude on someone else's face: a relative, a loved one, a stranger.

So those days I try to be alert and identify someone that needs help: it can be a smile, it can be a gentle greeting, it can be money, or it can be time for listening. I become the answer, a humble and simple one.

Last week I went out to Starbucks for a coffee. I wanted a break, not really a coffee so I went out for a walk. I had $20 on my pocket. I saw a middle age man with a sign that read "homeless - I can do gardening work" and had a bunch of flowers -for sale-.

He was seated across the street. I stopped by and greeted him. He was hesitant to talk, avoiding eye contact, afraid.

I asked for his name, he was puzzled by my question. I told him:

"Hi, I am Luis, what is your name?"

"Pablo", he said.

"Oh Pablo, beautiful name, do you speak Spanish by any chance?, I do, and Pablo is the name of a very good friend."

"No, I do not, and by the way my name is Steve, glad to meet you."

"Well, Steve, have a wonderful day", I said while giving him the $20 bill.

He smiled, with a big, bright smile, and told me: "Thank you, God bless you, the money is good, but thank you for treating me like a human being and calling me by my name. I forgot how good that feels..."

So that day I was down, low energy, could not feel well, hence could not work on creating my miracles, but I was able to be the answer for someone else. I was happy on my "coffee-less" walk back by thinking that for some reason, in some beautiful and intertwined way, Steven was visualizing the money and the need for feeling good and I was at that point the channel.

Nothing fancy, not changing the world, just making a small impact on someone. Being the answer rather than the question...

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Dec 03, 2010
by: Anonymous



Nov 08, 2010
by: JSIMON88

That was nice from you.

We don't do this kind of stuff enough.

Anyway I don't think I do it enough. We want stuff from the Universe and I am sure there some kind of being helping sometime for us. We we need to give as well to it and help people in need when we can even if it sounds small or look small for us. For other it could make a big difference.

Thanks for sharing, I'll be looking more for simple situation in terms of giving something to others.


Nov 04, 2010
by: Luis

Thank you for sharing your story. I had a similar event happened to me. I was driving down a street close to my home when i noticed a lady sitting on a corner selling cotton candy while she had a baby on her lap. I parked my vehicle and walked across the street and gave her the twenty dollars i had on my pocket and said, have a nice day and good luck and walked away! she had a shocked look on her face but smiled as I drove away.

Jul 02, 2010
Beautiful, touching, real
by: Anonymous

That was beautiful, all of it.

As Jesus said, "There is more happiness in giving than in receiving."

Thank you for your story.

Jul 06, 2009
So inspiring!
by: Cristina

Thank you, Luis, for such an inspiring story and great tip: doing something good for someone else not only helps that person, but can also even change our mood. Thank you so much for your submission!

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