I Attracted A Bean Bag

This is my bean bag - I call it my Buddha Bag. This is the story of how it came into my life through the use of visualization and positive feeling.

I believe that we can use the law of attraction to our benefit through skillful thinking and feeling. The following story is just one more example of the law of attraction in action.

At a certain time in my life I lived in a shared flat where I had a room with my partner at the time. The flat was small and we had flatmates, and I longed for a space of my own as well.

I started to take the time to visualize me reading comfortably on a couch, on a sunny afternoon, in a space of my own in that flat. That felt really good. I wanted to experience that image as a reality.

About four months later the spare room for myself became a reality. Oh boy was I happy! :)

Now, the universe had brought the room for me and in a very synchronistic way it had also provided a pay rise at my job, so I could afford the extra rent.

But... I didn't have a couch straight away and I would need to save to buy one. Besides, the spare room was small so I would need to find a smaller-than-usual couch to fit in the available space.

Nevertheless, I was very grateful for the manifestation of the room, and I kept imagining how good it would feel to enjoy reading a good book on a couch in my studio.

I didn't know when or how I would get a nice couch. I simply expressed my wish of having it while feeling good about it and creating positive images in my mind.

I came home after work one afternoon and my partner was sitting in the living room, waiting for me.

He silently watched me opening the door of my studio while I talked to him about my day.

Then he smiled at my surprise when I looked inside the studio room and saw...

...the bean bag!

It was even better than a couch. It was large, bright, funky, extremely comfortable, and it fitted exactly in the small space I had.

The bean bag was just perfect.

The universe had delivered even more than I had asked for, because I didn't even have to look for the 'couch', and on top it was a gift from my partner.

Not bad, eh? Let's just say...

"Allow life to surprise you"

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