Is being a perfectionist stopping you?

Let's admit it, sometimes being a perfectionist is a cause for procrastination. I know it well, having had very ingrained the habit of aiming for perfection.

For instance... spending a few more minutes on an article that I was about to publish to place one more comma. Or folding t-shirts in a more time-consuming way than it could be done just because they look nicer (to whom - to the wardrobe?).

Sometimes, wanting to reach for perfection can stop us from starting a project altogether - or from finishing it. It took me ages to finish the first free ebook I published - there was always something that I could improve before letting the ebook out.

At the root of being a perfectionist

See, the problem with being a perfectionist is that whatever we do it's never good enough. This apparently simple problem may have roots in our childhood - perhaps a parent who always demanded we did our best and, no matter how good it was, it could always have been better (or so we were told).

So here is a simple trick I found to deal with being a perfectionist and to overcome the 'it's never good enough' syndrome.

It's very simple: determine what is good enough before you start.

You've got to be realistic, though: you cannot determine that 'everything on my to-do list done' will be good enough - because of course, as a perfectionist, you've already put in your to-do list more items that you could possibly accomplish in one sitting (or even in a couple of days).

So look at the time and the energy available. Look at what's reasonable to accomplish and what's important. Then set the limit.

For instance, if I've got only two hours spare when I come home before dinner and bed time I cannot intend to accomplish writing a chapter of my next ebook, doing the online grocery shopping, sorting out the laundry, spending half an hour doing yoga, taking notes for the review of a book and replying to friends' emails.

Or I can try to accomplish all that - and likely become stressed by trying to do as much as possible, feeling exhausted and not really enjoying my evening.

So look at what it is that you really want to accomplish in a given window of time, and determine what's reasonable. Set the limit. Then work on what you have chosen to do, and know that when you've gotten to that limit it is good enough.

And good enough is perfect ;-)

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Overcoming procrastination and leaving perfectionism behind is easy - and it is in your power!

"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday."

Don Marquis

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