What Is The Best Affirmation?

Sharing a secret: my best affirmation

I have used affirmations since I first came across them, and they have proven useful over and over again.

About five years after I started using affirmations the idea of a particular affirmation came to me - and it felt just like the perfect affirmation.

Let me give you a bit of needed background to this special affirmation. I find there is one thing we all have access to which is hugely underrated: our breath.

We are able to live without many things, but we simply cannot live without breathing.

Breathing, for me, is the gateway to a higher dimension of consciousness. And the funny thing is - it doesn't cost money, it is within reach of anybody, yet very few people actually pay attention to it!

In fact, I find that the one key to achieving all that we want lies with the breath. I made up an affirmation based on breathing which I find extremely helpful and uplifting - it is my best affirmation so far. The one that truly works no matter what...

When I say it works I mean it is always effective: it makes me feel better, it brings me into the present moment, and it helps me to go through anything.

My affirmation has two parts: the one that goes with the in breath, and the one that goes with the out breath.

It goes like this...

In breath: "The more I breathe...

Out breath: ...the more [fill in the blank]."

For example:

  • The more I breathe, the happier I am

  • The more I breathe, the more money I receive

  • The more I breathe, the more love I feel

  • The more I breathe, the better I feel

  • The more I breathe, the more beautiful I am

Because you're breathing all the time, you can use this affirmation whenever you want. If you get distracted, it is easy to come back to it - just go back to your breath.

You can also use this affirmation if you're going through a stressful moment, such as a job interview: "The more I breathe, the calmer I am"; "The more I breathe, the clearer I speak"; "The more I breathe, the easier everything is".

Check it out! Tailor-make your affirmation to suit your particular needs and see the amazing results for yourself. 

"Positive anything is better than negative nothing."

Elbert Hubbard

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