'Beyond Positive Thinking' By Dr Robert Anthony

The journey through 'Beyond positive thinking' is almost as if Dr Robert Anthony took you by the hand and showed you: "This is how you can use your mind for your benefit and well-being".

This book clarifies many questions about beliefs, oneself, and our ego.

'Beyond positive thinking' helps you to be free. As it says: "Your unlimited power lies in your ability to control your thoughts".

Dr Robert Anthony states: "Freedom begins with self-acceptance", "It's Ok to make mistakes".

Only the best

'Beyond positive thinking' explores how positive thinking can be used to program our minds for the best and achieve what we want.

It outlines the tools available, like positive affirmations and visualizations. Ultimately "we attract what we feel worthy of".

Look at what's going on in your life. Do you feel worthy of having better?

I read this book bit by bit, sometimes re-reading entire chapters, because I found the information contained so valuable, as it was one of the first positive thinking books I read.


I kept on thinking about what Dr Robert Anthony says in regards to emotional dependency and self-reliance: "No one can give you what you want".

When you consider it, you'll realize it's true. It may be hard to accept at the beginning, but if you get pass that point you'll realize that it's very liberating.

You don't depend on anybody else to be happy - you can make yourself happy!

Other topics that this book touches on are the origin of fear and how "worry is a choice".

Dr Robert Anthony aims to make you see that "There are no limitations". You hold all the power that you need.

'Beyond Positive Thinking' is a very empowering book : "The only authority figure is within yourself".

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"When you blame others, you give up your power to change."

Robert Anthony

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