by Myron D

There is so much that I'm thankful for! First off, this comes from the man above and I can't do nothing but smile sometimes because simply the world and everything around is a beautiful scene. Even though people don't see it like that, with all this crime and different incidents happening around the world.

I could go out to the lake park or wherever and I'll always see the simplicity; beautiful objects in the world. Before any of that, it starts from your family: seeing how much they love you and how much you would do for them. Their love is endless for their child and vice versa.

Being able to see other places in life, other than being where you have been for a while or somewhere you have been already; it's just beautiful. God's gifts are amazing!!!!!

I'm blessed to say that I was able to see the city of Miami, Florida, even though it's not the only place in the world but being able to be there and you just being used to seeing regular things in everyday life and FLYING in an airplane to see over the lands and landing in the Miami airport: to see palm trees, huge bodies of water, beaches and just amazing places.

It just makes me smile and changes my whole perspective on life; have to stay POSITIVE: keep head on straight, & finish school to succeed to see more and my family! The whole world is to be seen. UNBELIEVABLE.

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Aug 09, 2013
I thank you!
by: Myron

Thank you to the ones that commented on my post. I'm bless to explain how I see it, so I try to give out blessings even when people don't think they are.

Aug 07, 2013
Re - Bless
by: Anonymous

Myron, What a beautiful post. I also see the world and everything as a beautiful scene despite the bad incidents that happen around the world. I too always see the simplicity and beauty of a lake, park and so on. We're living in a world with such amazing places. And I too always try to be positive, succeed, finish my education...which never seems to end and stay on the right path. Once again Thank You for your wonderful post. Glad to know that their are people in the world like you.

Aug 07, 2013
Thank you for sharing
by: Cristina

Myron, what an enthusiastic and uplifting post, thank you very much. Here's for more of seeing the beauty wherever we are!! :)

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