Body Image Affirmations

These body image affirmations can help you to feel good about your body

Our physical body is a key part of our existence.

It's what tells us we're alive and here; it's what makes us visible and what gives the first impression of us to anybody.

Were you ever asked to choose your physical body? Can you recall someone coming up to you and saying, "Hey, I'll give you this body, is that fine, or do you prefer a different one?"

Most of us try to make peace with and like a body that we never chose (or at least I don't remember having chosen mine).

This becomes increasingly difficult in our society, as cannons of beauty impose that one be of such and such shape and height to be considered beautiful or attractive.

We are therefore very concerned with our physical bodies nowadays.

We diet, become fashion addicts, spend money on all sorts of adornments and try to make ourselves pretty in as many ways as possible, including plastic surgery.

We do all that because that is what looks in society are about.

All this can create in ourselves a negative body image, if we find that we don't look like what we think we should look.

Besides, too often we focus on our body image, and we don't give importance to all that our bodies actually do for us.

Think about how well you can move, how you are able to walk and jump and stretch, and how well your body serves you every day; we tend to take all that for granted, in our quest for looking beautiful.

Your body is just a part of 'you'

You can use body image affirmations to take some of the pressure off you.

The best attitude to have is to like one's own body and want to improve it, without being too obsessed about it.

Remember that your body alone is not you. The sum of who you are is more important than your body.

You also have a great mind to use; you feel feelings which make you be more loving and more caring.

Think about Stephen Hawking. At the time of writing, he has a disease that makes him unable to use his body in the same way that the rest of us can; however he's one of the greatest contributors to science.

I'll definitely remember who Stephen Hawking is - but not who won Miss Universe's last contest.

Regular exercise, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are always options to keep you in shape. Remember to consult your doctor before taking any drastic step - get professional advice.

Overall, know that your body is just a part of you - not the only one.

Focusing on the aspects that you like

Body image affirmations can help to reinforce positive feelings about your body, by emphasizing things that you already like. This helps to boost confidence and to feel good with one's own body.

For example, if you like your eyes, you can build the following body image affirmations:

  • My eyes are beautiful

  • My eyes give light to the world

  • I am thankful for being able to see

Pick a part of your body that you like and appreciate it using affirmations. See the beauty in yourself - and it will shine through you. Make peace with the parts of your body that you don't like. You are alright.

Body image affirmations

Use these affirmations or modify them at your convenience to gain confidence about your own body...

I love my body

I take care of the needs of my body

I am thankful for all the parts of my body that function correctly

I accept my body as it is

I am beautiful just as I am

I am thankful for my body moving with ease

My body is perfect just like this

I appreciate all the movements that my body lets me perform

I am thankful for my strength

I am grateful for the compliments I receive about my body

I am thankful for being able to touch, see, smell, hear and taste

I enjoy feeling good about my body


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If the beholder is you, then it's really up to you to see yourself beautiful! ;)

"I don't ask for more: the sky above me and the path under my feet."

Robert Louis Stevenson

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