'Choosing Easy World' By Julia Rogers Hamrick

'Choosing Easy World': a key to your true life

Tired of always fighting hard to make your life happen? Wish there was a different way to go about life than struggling to just survive?

There is a better way... and it's by living in Easy World - where everything is easy. Follow the journey into 'Choosing Easy World'...

When I first came across this book the idea sounded interesting and simplistic in equal parts. 

However, I soon discovered that this book carries a powerful and truthful message - a message that all of us have been waiting to hear.

See, we are not meant to struggle. We live in an abundant universe, and everything we need is provided for - that is, if we allow it.

The problem is that we have learned to live in Difficult World, where there are beliefs like "You must work hard to make your life happen" and "Nothing comes easy".

The "mantra", if you like, to kick-start your life in Easy World, is...

"I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy."

You then breathe, relax, allow, and enjoy! As you read this book you will realize that Easy World is more than an idea - it's a reality that you experience the moment that you choose to do so.

Julia explains Easy World and how to live in it in such a clear way that you can immediately jump into living in Easy World. The moment you start reading this book you will start seeing miracles happen in your life. Don't believe me? Read "Choosing Easy World" and then tell me (and Julia) about it ;-)

So you may wonder, "If it's that easy to live in Easy World, then how come we don't live in it very often? How come everything seems so difficult?"

Well, the answer lies in a lot of conditioning - beliefs that are resistant to the flow of life and that create Difficult World and the Difficult World Dictator (by the way, I love Julia's guide to dealing with the Difficult World Dictator - in more than one occasion her advice got me out of worry and back into experiencing joy).

You can think of Easy World as living in harmony with your Spirit, with the Source of all that is; and of Difficult World as living guided by the ego (by the "small you", or the dictates of fear).

Here's an example of how choosing Easy World made my life easy...

I was rushing to the station in the morning to take the train to work. I had to buy the travelcard for the week, and I was running late.

Because there is always a queue of people at the dispatching window and I had just a few minutes before the train arrived, I thought I would miss the train and would be late for work - or I would have to take the train and pay the penalty fare on the other side.

As I run towards the station I remembered Easy World. I said to myself, "I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy", and I relaxed. I went into the station, and the only person at the dispatching window left a few seconds after I came in. I was able to buy my travelcard and take the train just on time!

I have quite a number of examples like this one, ranging from small stuff to important issues - when every single time that I chose Easy World things became easy.

'Choosing Easy World': A manual to your joyful life

'Choosing Easy World' is a perfect guide to experiencing the life that you want to live. Here are other useful bits and pieces that you will find explained in this book:

  • How to go about getting things done in Easy World

  • How to deal with the Difficult World Dictator

  • The Difficult World lies

  • A step-by-step frequency raising system for the darkest moments

  • Frequency-raising support tools and techniques

  • The difference between Desire and Want

'Choosing Easy World' is one of those books - it appears in your life just at the perfect moment, and it marks a change for the better in all aspects of your experience. If in any way the ideas above speak to you, please do get this book - it means you're ready to take your life to the next level. 

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"The nature of Easy World is to heal, enhance, and enliven. When you're in Easy World, you're fully partaking of Life Force (Love), and your wholeness, vitality, joy, and total well-being are perpetually supported."

Julia Rogers Hamrick

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