'Creating Health'
By Deepak Chopra

'Creating health' is an interesting book that explains the connection between our thoughts, our emotions, and our health.

Deepak Chopra speaks from his experience as a doctor, and gives his view on a number of illnesses or problems of the body, such as cancer, obesity, stroke, stress, and even drug addiction.

He also speaks of the use of placebo to deal with illnesses, and he quotes Norman Cousins: "The placebo, then, is not so much a pill as a process... The placebo is the doctor who resides within."

'Creating health' is the perfect book to feel optimistic about your health and your innate power of healing. Chopra starts by explaining the psychophysiological connection: an emotion or a thought is translated into a chemical message, which in turns stimulates an organ. He states:

"It appears that happiness, which simply means having happy thoughts most of the time, causes biochemical changes in the brain that in turn have profoundly beneficial effects on the body's physiology."

Chopra further explains that we can use a number of tools to bring our health back into alignment, such as transcendental meditation, compassion, or keeping a vision of wholeness and love.

However 'Creating health' is not just a book about physical health. Chopra takes it further by explaining the nature of reality, the mechanics of creation, or how we can reach higher states of consciousness.

This book makes an interesting read, and it's an opening to the infinite intelligence that permeates our bodies and minds. Allowing this intelligence to flow and keeping a positive attitude and positive thoughts leads to good health.

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"The responsibility for all illness and all cure resides with us. The unconscious can be refined an rechanneled through suggestion, repetition, and above all attention. It is attention, or awareness, that touches the sleeping powers of mind and makes them vital again."

Deepak Chopra

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