Deserving Affirmations To Welcome Abundance

Let these deserving affirmations work for you

Many positive thinking books state that you can have anything you want - rather, that you can think yourself into having anything you want.

For a while, I didn't believe that statement.

I thought, "Well, here it's me, thinking myself into an abundance of money, yet my finances are as usual". No unexpected riches were coming my way.

Then, reading Louise Hay's 'You can heal your life', one sentence from the book stood out:

"Do you believe that you deserve to have your desire? If you don't, you won't allow yourself to have it."

"Hold on", I said to myself. "Surely I haven't been delaying my good because of thinking that I don't deserve it? How silly is that! OF COURSE I deserve so and so!"

Letting abundance in

Exploring the subject a bit further, I found out that Louise's statement is really true.

Deep inside, if we do not believe that we deserve what we want, we will create subconsciously all sorts of detours so that we do not achieve what we want.

Sounds strange?

Let me explain in detail, taking the same example that I used above about money.

After letting Louise Hay's sentences sink in, I started to remember how, when I was a kid, I would observe my parents spending money carefully. We were never poor, but we weren't rich either.

I would hear sometimes, when asking one of my parents for money, "Do you think I'm the bank?", or the well-known "Money doesn't grow on trees". My father's favourite, "How much is that going to cost me?"

Later on in life, when I started earning my own money, I would buy little gifts for my friends and family or would pay for their lunch or dinner. I liked being able to provide abundance. And yet...

...I would go into a bookshop and, for as much as I love books, I would not buy myself any ("Why spend the money on it when you can borrow it from the library?"). It took me years to be able to buy myself a book without feeling tremendous guilt.

This is all to show you how, deep inside, I did not believe I deserved to enjoy money. Thus, showers of money were not coming into my life, and I was not able to spend on myself the money that did come.

In fact, I have found that there are many reasons why we believe we don't deserve something, which "justify" us not getting it: the belief that we need to work hard for something to "earn" it, not really knowing what to do with it afterwards, or feeling that if I get what I want then somebody else will have to go without.

Deserving affirmations

I designed the deserving affirmations below to help dealing with all those subconscious gremlins of non-deserving.

I shared my thoughts about deserving with Susan Minarik, author of "Winning the tomorrow game", who wisely asked,

"Who are we to say no to the desires the universe places in our hearts anyway? Who are we to limit the expression of its joy? Are our desires not life's hints about where it would lead us, who it would have us become?"

These affirmations also help to uncover our areas of resistance.

If you repeat one of these deserving affirmations and you notice a little thought ticking in the background, objecting to the affirmation, you may have found an area where you may be having difficulty in receiving - only your introspection will shed light on the reasons for it.

Grab now the deserving affirmations below!

I deserve all the good things that come to me

I deserve to be happy

I deserve abundance

I deserve love

I deserve prosperity

I deserve good health

I deserve to enjoy life at its fullest

I deserve a peaceful space to live

I deserve to be in contact with Nature

I deserve to be well paid for my skills and my knowledge

I deserve to be successful

I deserve to be surrounded by people who love me

I deserve to experience beauty

I deserve to enjoy my time doing something that I like

I deserve to be appreciated

I deserve to be respected

I deserve to achieve my goals 

"Accept yourself as you are. Otherwise you will never see opportunity. You will not feel free to move toward it; you will feel you are not deserving."

Maxwell Maltz

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