'Eat Pray Love' By Elizabeth Gilbert

'Eat pray love' is the story of its author, Elizabeth Gilbert, in a journey to find herself and find true happiness. This is an engaging reading - all the more because it is a true story.

When Elizabeth finds herself unhappy despite having all that she has always worked for, she starts realizing that a big change is needed.

She leaves her comfortable life and her husband, not without pain, to embrace life anew.

Her journey takes her first to Italy, where among handsome men and good food she starts leaving behind the painful times, and finding the pleasure of enjoying life.

The path of purification takes her then to India, where she aims to find her true self through strict meditation and hard work. Her time in India gives her many lessons and clears her mind and her heart, leaving her ready to continue her journey.

The last part of the story takes place in Bali, where she learns from and helps a 'medicine man' and a 'medicine woman', and meets a man who will become a special part of her life.

Even though the story is engaging, what I liked the most from this book is that it is full of wisdom through all the three stages of the story, each of them bringing its particular perspective on life.

Funny and interesting, 'Eat pray love' speaks directly to the Western woman of modern society: she has worked hard for what she has, but is that it? A sense of emptiness takes Elizabeth on a beautiful journey which will deliver her to her true self. 

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"All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop."


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