What Are The Effects Of Positive Thinking?

Choose your thoughts wisely by understanding the effects of positive thinking

It is easier to choose to think positively when we are aware of the differences between negative versus positive thoughts.

The effects of either type of thoughts are quite different.

We're just one step away from changing our thoughts and start feeling better.

As Louise Hay puts it in 'You can heal your life', we are dealing with just a thought at a time, and "the point of power is always in the present moment", so you can always change that thought.

If we knew better about the long term effects of thinking positively, we would consciously choose to entertain positive thoughts more often than negative thoughts.

Effects of positive thinking

Some of the effects of positive thinking are:

  • Improvement in your overall mood. Positive thinking leads to states of calm, peace, joy, happiness, vibrant energy and optimism. Positive thinking provokes smiles.

  • Physical effects: several studies have linked positive thinking and health, and have shown that diseases can even be healed through the practice of positive thinking.

    In 'You can heal your life' Louise Hay gives practical advice and affirmations on positive thinking to heal a number of diseases.

  • Allow abundance and serendipity in your life. A positive attitude maintained through positive thinking brings about the events and the people that will help us achieve our goals.

    Think about how many times you were in a good mood and 'coincidences' started to happen, which brought you what you needed at that moment in life.
  • Connection with others. When you practice positive thinking, a connection with other people happens more easily, as you are open to them, and not so concerned with your own stuff.

    Also, when you are in a positive mood you are a joy to others, who may even feel enlightened by your presence.

  • Move in the right direction to achieve what you want. Thinking positively brings clarity of mind and a courageous attitude, so starting new projects or getting on with existing ones becomes an exciting activity.

Once again - persistence!

Persistence in positive thinking is the key to achieve a lasting positive attitude. Difficulties will still come your way, but it is always easier to deal with any circumstances with a positive attitude.

You can develop positive thinking consistently, until you acquire it as a habit. There is no secret to creating positive habits: it is a matter of taking action towards what you want consistently and during a extended period of time.

What about negative thinking?

You could find it easier to use positive thinking consistently if you are aware of what negative thinking brings into your life. Find out more about the effects of negative thinking.

"The one thing that matters is the effort."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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