'Everything I Have Ever Done That Worked' By Lesley Garner

'Everything I have ever done that worked' is a compilation of techniques, remedies and personal advice that journalist Lesley Garner has gathered through her experience of life.

This book has advice to lead a peaceful life, to bring you back to calmness, to help you relax, to help you cope with stressing times, and to move forward when you are stuck.

'Everything I have ever done that worked' is divided into fifty-nine short 'essays' and therefore doesn't need linear reading. This positive thinking book has a catchy story-telling style that will keep you interested.

What you will find

Some of the chapters that you can find in Lesley Garner's book include:

  • My head is a free space

  • The uses of silence

  • Embrace the dragon

  • Forever creating

  • Your life as a spiritual journey

  • The beauty of boredom

While all the advice in 'Everything I have ever done that worked' may not be applicable to your current circumstances, I'm sure you will find useful ideas for future times.

This book also offers practical exercises to calm down, relax and feel better overall, which you can do right away. Garner talks about meditation, forgiving, looking at beauty, or using crystals and flower remedies, among others.

Lesley Garner recommends a short selection of chapters that can be read 'in case of emergency'. Emotional breakdown? Find relief through "Emotional freedom technique", "Fleeting feelings", "Calm down", "Practise gratitude", "Write a letter to God", and "The magic of 20 minutes".

My thoughts

Lesley Garner found ways to get herself back on track through difficult circumstances and she's sharing with you what works.

'Everything I've ever done that worked' is a very practical book. I enjoyed reading it and took away many valuable tips and techniques.

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"Seek and ye shall find. A coincidence is only a question meeting an answer in an unexpected way."

Lesley Garner

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