Quick'n'Easy: Five Tips To Become A Positive Person

A useful guide to make you feel better

These five tips to become a positive person are easy to put into practice. Use them consistently and enjoy better feelings!

  • Take the time to appreciate what you do have and feel thankful for it. Many times we look at what we lack and what we don't have yet, but we overlook what we have now.

    Besides, what we have already could be a world for someone else who is not as fortunate. Stop for a moment to count your blessings.

    If you only take away one out of these five tips to become a positive person, make it this one, for it really is key to be more positive.

  • Reach out to help another person, do an act of kindness or volunteer to help in a community. Not only will you be doing something good for someone else, but also for yourself.

    Researches by the University of Michigan show that doing regular volunteering work increases life expectancy and physical health. That is really worthwhile.
  • Smile! The third of these five tips to become a positive person may be the easiest one.

    Simply find something you feel good about to make you smile.

    Doing this carries a double benefit: on the one hand you command your mind to focus on the positive aspects of anything, and on the other hand smiling helps you relax and is beneficial for your health.

    Practice it as well when you don't feel like it. You can start faking a smile in front of the mirror - look into your eyes and avoid laughing if you can ;)

  • Make plans to do something that makes you feel good. That could be meeting with a special friend, travelling to your favourite place, or even enjoying an afternoon by yourself somewhere new.

    Now I don't mean cling on to the future to live your present, but keep always aside something that you feel excited about doing and that you look forward to.

  • Count to ten (or seventeen, or whatever you need). Because not everything in life comes like we want it and people are not always as nice to us as we would like, there will be situations where you may easily become upset.

    Take your time and count to ten when you feel a negative emotion taking over you (anger, jealousy, guilt, self-pity, etc).

    Rather than reacting automatically in the old ways, choose instead to simply hold the space for that emotion to be there. There is no need to take action; you can let the emotion exist, and it will go away in due time.

    As Pema Chodron puts it in 'Start where you are':

    "It's a little bit like the old advice to count to ten before you say something; it makes you pause. If you become afraid or angry, there is a natural kind of adrenalin principle, when the camera actually starts to speed up."

Put these five tips to become a positive person into practice consistently and observe the results - changing your own way of looking at life is fun!

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"You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you."

James Allen

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